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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Resources Track

What is the Resources Track?

The Resources Track is the track for Reps who wish to empower their communities (be it local/regional or functional) by enabling them request resources the Reps program has.

Reps that specialize in resources are trained to help communities and Reps plan strategically how they use these. This ensures that resources (budget and others) of the program are used in the most impactful way and according to the guidance provided by Mozilla’s strategy and the Council.

Current Reps in the Resources track

This currently is a placeholder to list all Reps belonging to this track for easy access. We suggest to talk to somebody in your region, but Reps in the Resource track might defer the support to another Rep if deemed more impactful.

Region Name Profile
Asia (India) Prathamesh Chavan
Asia (India) Vaibhav Bajaj
Asia (India) Mehul Patel
Asia (India) Md Shahbaz Alam
Asia (India) Bhuvnesh
Asia (India) Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Asia (India) Pushpita Dey no Community Portal profile?
Asia (India) Sandeep kapalawai
Asia (India) Bala Subramaniyan
Asia (India) Akshit Sharma
Asia (India) Kumaresan.C.S
Asia (India) Rishita Bansal
Asia (India) Biraj Karmakar
Asia (Nepal) Avash Mulmi no Community Portal profile?
Asia (Sri Lanka) Ruwan Ranganath
Asia (Bangladesh) Syed Omar Faruk Towaha
Asia (Indonesia) Rizki Kelimutu
Asia (Taiwan) Irvin Chen
Africa (Madagascar) Mariot Tsitoara
LATAM (Venezuela) Arturo Martinez
LATAM (Chile) Lourdes
LATAM (Colombia) Monica Bonilla
LATAM (Brazil) Geraldo Barros
LATAM (Brazil) Cynthia Pereira no Community Portal profile?
LATAM (Brazil) Thiago Matos Policena
LATAM (Mexico) Yuliana Reyna Jiménez
US Jason Shultz
Europe (Italy) Edoardo Viola
Europe (Switzerland) Michael Kohler

How can I join?

In order to apply for this track, we require Reps:

  • to join a special training (planning for impact, how to run activities, etc)
  • to organize at least one impactful zero-budget initiative
  • to have all of their previous Bugzilla bugs closed

The Rep would be then reviewed by the Review Team to approve his/her application. The application form will be communicated once the track is open for applications.

A local cap could be defined by the Review Team to avoid having too many people in the same region to be in charge of resources. If current members are not supporting the community or performing as required they could be replaced by new ones, or if we have a lot of interested people, they can be rotated. Ideally we have at least two people per region in this track to avoid bottlenecks.

Once you join the track you won’t be able to request budget for more than $500 until you have at least run two successfully impactful initiatives under $500. This cap could be ignored for Reps with a great past record of impactful initiatives.

Expectation on number of people joining

The following estimation has been based on and where we have Reps. More details on the estimation can be found here.

Region Minimum of Reps in this track Maximum of Reps in this track
Africa 5 7
Asia 25 30
Europe 17 18
Latin America 12 14
Middle East 2 2
North America 1 1

This means 60 Reps should join this track so we can ensure that Resources will be used and distributed correctly. 72 Reps are the maximum we can have based on today’s estimation and needs of our communities.

Budget Training

Status May 2017
The first version of impactful Training Resources for Reps are finalized. There are some visual improvements to be made.
  • Every Rep that joins this track will have to do a budget training to complete the on-boarding process.
  • Training will take around 3 weeks, and will cover from how to present a solid plan and to define objectives, to how to report receipts and request reimbursement.
  • Reps will be able to present solid plans for impact, and it will be following a procedure to create a report after the event has happened.
  • The training won’t be only to be accountable, it will also help to identify impactful events and to make sure Resources can be requested in a valuable amount of time due to the training the Reps had.

Budget Training Cycles

The first testing training will start on July 24th. The training will last for 3 weeks, each week the Resources Reps will be focusing on 3 different areas:

  • Goal of the event - Content Preparation
  • Logistics & Finance Preparation
  • Accountability and follow ups

Every area will have the following structure:

  • Training material
  • Quiz test
  • Working group and Meetings

Review team

In the end, all requests will go through the Review Team to be decided on. The Review Team is a specialised team appointed by the Council with the goal to approve and support all Reps Budget Requests. You can find more information on the Review Team wiki page.

Budget Allocation

In order to emphasize on the initiatives that are priorities for Mozilla and in order to align with Participation goals the Council has decided to allocate its budget resources to areas that were identified as supporting Mozilla more right now. More details on Budget Allocation and implementation of this decision can be found on the Budget Allocation subpage.


In an effort to constantly improve the Resources Track and to track both quantity and quality performance the Review team is conducting regularly quality surveys and analysis of the procedure time. You can find more about those here.

Alumni Members of the Resources Track

Region Name Profile
Asia (India) Vibhanshu Chaudhary
Africa (Ivory Coast) Diomande Abbackar
LATAM (Nicaragua) Ana Sofia Lopez Sanchez
Asia (Bangladesh) Asma Islam Swapna