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The Review Team is a specialized group responsible in review and approving or rejecting every budget requests made by Mozilla Reps. This team is working in close coordination and supervision of Reps Council.

Period of Service

Each member of The Review Team will serve for a year. Rotation of volunteers is mandatory, with 6 months review and 1 year cap.


  • Carefully analyze budget requests based on Mozilla’s current strategy and goals. The Program's focus and initiatives will be provided by Reps Council.
  • Communicate and advice on budget request and help Reps to align their requests according to program’s goals.
  • For any budget requests fewer than USD500, one Review Team member will review and approve/reject the request.
  • For any budget requests more than USD500, all Review Team members needs to review and approve the request by majority
  • Follow and implement the budget SOP
  • Clearly communicate reasons and feedback for denial/ partial approval of budget requests.
  • Support Reps’ mentors on analyzing the potential impact and outcomes as well as monitor reports submitted by Reps post event.
  • [Monthly] Be accountable to the Reps Council: Report activity and impact.

Review Team Members

This team is appointed and empowered by Reps Council to review budget request made by Mozilla Reps for various purposes. The team is formed by two staff members, one Council member and at least four trusted Reps with proven experience in managing resources for impact.

The current Review Team members are:

March 2018 - now

Volunteer position 1 Volunteer position 2 Volunteer position 3 Volunteer position 4 Council position Staff member 1 Staff member 2
Arturo Martinez Jason Shultz Pushpita Dey Michael Kohler Monica (current)
Prathamesh (until December)
Ankit Gadgil (until June)
Rizki Kelimutu Konstantina Papadea

Previous Review Teams

September 2016 - February 2017

Volunteer position 1 Volunteer position 2 Volunteer position 3 Volunteer position 1 Council position Staff member 1 Staff member 2
Dian Ina Mahendra Faisal Aziz Flore Allemandou Priyanka Nag Ankit Gadgil Rizki Kelimutu Konstantina Papadea


To contact the Review Team, please send an e-mail to: