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Staff partnering with a Rep to run an event funded by their team

The Mozilla Reps program offers a unique platform to organize events, book travel/hotels, process payments and reimburse volunteers. These types of "staff-sponsored" events are considered "Special events" in Reps jargon.

NB: If you are a staff member wishing to work with a Rep to run an event but don't have allocated budget for events, you can always ask the Rep you're working with to request a budget using the standard Reps budget request process. To learn more, read more here.

Special case soponsorship.png
Reps budget means council approval. The alternative to Staff sponsorship
The Reps program has an allocated budget for community initiatives. The Reps-elected Council approves the use of the funds. No staff member can decide how these funds will be used, it is solely the decision of the Council. However as a Rep staff member you can always request budgets from the council.

How it works

The special events use the same exact process as the other events. The only difference is that the budget used to fund them comes from a functional team within Mozilla.


  1. Rep creates event in the portal and submits budget request indicating that it's special on the whiteboard and putting the staff sponsor in CC
  2. A Staff member reviews the budget, confirms that their team has the funds and approves/doesn't approve the budget in the bug.
  3. Reps program manager (Rosana) signs budget off
  4. Reps program coordinator (Konstantina) takes care of reimbursing the contributors and keeping them accountable.