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2014 Goals

These goals are shown with relative effort (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32)

For early 2014

  • Roll out the new continuous reporting system (P1, 8)
  • Inactive profiles: this is something that has come up a lot recently. We are doing a cut" of inactive Reps but don't want to remove them. There will be a visual clue on their profile page that they are inactive. I see 2 cases where it kicks in:
    • manually, by the Rep themselves or admins (P2, 4)
    • automatically, when they have not filed a report after X months (P3, 4)
      • consensus on how to do this is near
  • Create a post-event form for gathering metrics (P1, 8)
    • collect metrics from event creators; possibly display the form and/or the results on the event page itself. mockup of this exists:
  • Unify dashboard for all types of users (P1, 16)
    • different reps see different dashboard views, and mozillians see different dashboard views too; let's try and unify them; next steps: Williamr add some details, mockups
  • continue building continuous integration infrastructure
    • bug: create a basic selenium test (for example: test that selenium can run) and integrate with codebase
    • bug: update docs to specify that new functionality must include a selenium test as well as unit tests

For contributors

  • Add SIG field to profiles (P3, 4)
    • mentored bug
  • Add SIG member search on the People page (P3, 2)
    • mentored bug

For later

  • API redesign. Move towards a more portal-specific/performant design (P2, 16)
  • Create new discovery view that allows user to browse events based on location, time or category (P2, 16)
  • Allow mentors to give quick feedback to one or more mentees (P2, 8)
  • Integrate continuous reports with blackhole prototype (a priority of the systems/data working group of the CBT) +1 (P2, 8)
  • Add continuous reports on Tweet/Blog using campaign words