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  • Upcoming vacation/PTO:
    • On 2 May is Easter in Romania
    • Alin: June 20 - July 5

Meetings every Wednesday

Possible bugs

  • Write a tool to update bugzilla bugs for outstanding machine loans and ask if the loaner is still needed on say, a weekly basis

From coop:

From Kmoir:

(not as high priority as root password project but something to look at)

    • Linux32 - Lawrence has given approval for this change in the next release cycle
    • gchang (Gerry Chang) from Taipei office is interested in helping out with buildduty during his timezone
    • This mana page describes all the releng clusters

    • Are there any services that you interact with that are missing? (We are preparing to move these systems and incorporating a standard deployment scenario)

From Florin:

04.28.2016 - 05.04.2016

will need some tips here, as it’s something new to us :)

    • Taipei folks would need several files from the privato repo to be signed with their public gpg keys