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Release/Channel Specific Notes

Linked to "What's new" which appears on every channel's download page .
Eg : Check for latest Release and click on "What's new" below the green Firefox Download button to go to release notes

What's New/Known Issues Section Candidates

Release notes for Firefox Desktop or Mobile are pulled from :

  • For features or known issues to be considered for release noting, set relnote-firefox: ?
  • We go through these release note nominations in a feature review meeting with various stake holders from product,project,marketing and other drivers where If we agree, we'll either set the flag to relnote-firefox:{version}+ for the first version of Firefox the feature will be present in, or just relnote-firefox:+ for known issues that will be noted until resolution
  • If we do not intend to release note something in any way, drivers will set relnote-firefox:-

Note : Please make sure to only nominate those features and issues that are significant . Sample notes.

Once the aurora notes are live, for all the bugs that are tracked to be a part of release notes we mass modify them and leave a comment similar to for you to reach out to for any correction's.