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This page lists all the actions done by the autonag bot.

Autofix checkers are executed every hour at *:15. Checkers without autofix are run every day. 14:00 Paris time. For now, security bugs aren't touched.

With autofix

File Rules Why Has autofix Example Change the status from unconfirmed to assigned if there is an assignee Mitigate an issue in bugzilla (bugs reported by new bugzilla users are not tagged as NEW) Yes bug 1495908 Regression range = yes has been set but missing keyword Regression keyword is important to differentiate actual defect Yes bug 1461034 Remove the leave-open keyword on bug closed Mismatch in metadata Yes bug 1382185 Has [meta] in the description but not the keyword Keyword helps a lot in search Yes bug 1435799 If a bug is reopened in nightly, the status flags aren’t automatically updated Avoids some potential issues for sheriff and release managers Yes bug 1495962 no assignees and a patch which landed in m-c Bugs without assignee is making our life harder Yes bug 1514338 Crash bugs without any crash reports for more than 12 weeks Mitigate the backlog Yes bug 1470864 But closed but has the stalled keyword If the bug is closed, it isn't stalled anymore Yes bug 1491624 Has the meta keyword but [meta] is missing in the description Having [meta] in the summary help with search of bugs Yes bug 1257692 Status flags are set for nightly and release but not for beta Inconsistency in status flags Yes bug 1500273
mismatch-priority-tracking-*.py If a bug is tracked by a release manager, update the priority (P2 for nightly, P1 for the rest) Show that it is important Yes bug 1515946 / bug 1508277 / bug 1512493 Bug without the regression keyword Regression keyword is important to differentiate actual defect. Uses machine learning Yes bug 1529139 Bug in untriaged Move the bug into the right component. Uses machine learning Yes bug 1530316 Bug resolved as duplicate Copy crash signatures from dup bug to original bug and copy product/component from original to dup. Yes bug 1517205
workflow/ Bug with no priority set. Needinfo or nag triage owner to set priority. Yes bug 1527818

Without autofix

File Rules Why Has autofix Example the bug with both feature and regression keywords Mismatch in metadata No Has the leave-open keyword but no activity for a while Help identify dead/inactive bugs Needinfo to triage owner bug 1367072 Meta bug without open dependencies and no activity Help identify dead/inactive bugs Needinfo to triage owner A bug is tracked by release management but the severity is small (<normal) Mismatch in metadata No Bugs with a ni from a director or a release manager and no activity We need to have fast turn around on bugs Mail Bugs with no priority and no activity Triage owners need to process the backlog Needinfo to triage owner (only Andrew for now) bug 1503461 Bugs with only one or two words in the summary usually a sign of an useless bug No bug 1512823 Send reminders to developer with assigned tracked bugs Make sure that bugs for the next release are addressed No Identify bugs with needinfo on the reporter without activity Usually a sign of a reporter not answering to more requests No Topcrash bugs with normal severity Consistency and help getting traction on bugs No bug 1471692 Bug tracked by release managers but small severity Inconsistency in metadata No Tracked or Nominated for Tracking with Need-Info? Make sure that bugs for the next release are addressed Email Get the tracked bugs in a release and untouched this week Identify inactive bugs Email List bugs marked as non affecting a release but affecting the next one Sign of a regression Email Patches which didn’t land on beta and esr Make sure that we ship with the bugs that we need Email bug 1509394 Firfox/untriaged with an important severity Identify potential important issues in untriage Bug with version set but not status_firefox Version is set automatically by bugzilla but status_firefox isn’t Email
../ Check if the release dates are consistent on the Wiki pages We use these dates in automation Email Fixed bug with patches which landed in mozilla-central during the soft freeze week Give some information like number of patches, number of changed lines, ... Email Fixed bug in nightly with patches and beta or release affected. Give some information about priority, severity, ... Email Bug where the reporter has a needinfo and with no activity Help to identify probably unactionnable bugs because of lack of information Email Bug with a r+ patch but the patch didn't land. Maybe a checkin-needed is required or the patch is obsolete Email