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About Notifications

2012 High-level goals

  • 1. Deliver a competitive stack vs. Android/iOS notifications
(I'd argue more "commoditize notifications so that users aren't 
 tied to Android/iOS models only, or have to do a lot of work to 
 support multiple notification methods". --jr) 
  • 2. Support Apps/Identity/B2G
  • 3. In use by %N of Web App Store apps.

Desired 2012 Feature List

  • Inbound protocols
    • Email
    • HTTP
  • Outbound transport options
    • Firefox Desktop (XMPP? AMQP? polling? real-time-ish)
    • Android (Android Cloud notifications)
    • iOS (native iOS notifications)
    • SMS
    • Email

A Note Quarterly Goals & the Roadmap

As a team, we find the quarterly goals and quarterly schedules are a poor fit for how engineering happens (especially on new products and systems) and a poor reflection of the team's effort. However, certain parts of the organization seems to run on them. The general idea is that the roadmap is a priority stack, we start with the most important and work our way down as time allows. The estimated quarter column is exactly that, an estimate of when we think this work will happen.

The 2012 Roadmap

Roadmap Item Owner Status (Loosely) Estimated Year, Quarter Type
Coordination with BrowserID Team  ?  ? 2012 Q1 Production Requirement
Determine & Coordinate with External Mail Provider  ?  ? 2012 Q1 Production Requirement
Coordinate WebApps for crisp consumer clients  ?  ? 2012 Q! Production Requirement
Coordination with Ops for Hardware for Production Deployment  ?  ? 2012 Q1 Production Requirement
Coordinate UX for client dashboard  ?  ? 2012 Q1 Production Requirement
Push: crisp definitions and requirements for projected Q2 launch  ?  ? 2012 Q1 Production Requirement
BIPostal in staging supporting Apps or BrowserID  ?  ? 2012 Q1/Q2 Product Staging
Integration of BIPostal and PUSH to unified Notifications structure  ?  ? 2012 Q2 Infrastructure Improvement
Finalization of Notification SLAs  ?  ? 2012 Q1/Q2 Production Requirement
Finalization of metrics and logging info  ?  ? 2012 Q1/Q2 Production Requirement
BIPostal to production  ?  ? 2012 Q2 Product Deployment
Shift notification token (ntoken) mapping from mysql to MySQL -> Queuey  ?  ? 2012 Q2 Infrastructure Improvement
Notifications to Firefox  ?  ? 2012 Q2/Q3 Product Development
Notifications to Fennec  ?  ? 2012 Q2/Q3 Product Development
Notifications to iOS (firefox home?)  ?  ? 2012 Q2/Q3 Product Development
Notifications to SMS  ?  ? 2012 Q2/Q3 Product Development
Notifications to Android (Android Cloud notifications)  ?  ? 2012 Q2/Q3 Product Development
Customer support in place  ?  ? 2012 Q3/Q4 Support
Full Production ready release of Notifications  ?  ? 2012 Q3/Q4 Product Deployment
Sample Code & Documentation  ?  ? 2012 Q3/Q4 Support