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2012 Q4 Services Roadmap



  • Lock down spec for 2.0 and release a reference server for clients to build against [DONE]
  • Implement a 1.2 version incorporating the 2.0-based improvements that do not impact the API substantially [ABANDONED due to sync 2 priorities changing again]
  • Implement DB proxies to improve system robustness. [NOT DONE. Still debating. Other mitigation strategies have taken priority]


(tarek, alexis, hanno)

  • Bug fixes as needed to support preliminary marketplace launch [DONE]
  • Identify with the Marketplace team things that can be split out as an independent set of libraries [ONGOING - will be discussed during Q1 workweek]
  • HA - identify and begin removing single points of failure [HA Failure Testing done - Removing some discovered failure points is a Q1 goal]

Marketplace Identity


  • Get working prototype of Marketplace Persona authorization.

Signing & Payments


  • Release a package signing service [DONE]

Heka (Metrics)

(rmiller, bbangert, vng)

  • Gather requirements from services and ops groups and catalog needs of outside sources [DONE -]
  • Document architecture plan [DONE]
  • Convert metlog-router to new agent/aggregator model [DONE]
  • Get aggregator in production alongside existing logstash infrastructure for full output / functionality verification [DEFERRED TO Q1. Headed to stage]
  • Make aggregator output plugin to talk to Cassandra (with on-the-fly small increment data roll-ups) [STILL EXPLORATORY]

Campaign Manager


  • Define and document API and management console parameters
  • Build and deploy scalable implementation of API
  • Build console to enable marketing to create automatic campaigns
  • Build API for logging the redirects (pingback)


(tarek, alexis, hanno)

  • Get Vaurien working and in testing for marketplace [DONE]
  • SPORE support for Cornice [DONE]
  • Clustering support in Circus [DONE]
  • Cloud/AWS deployment tools for our apps [NOT DONE]