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  • Integrate Metlog into Syncstorage, Queuey and TokenServer [YELLOW - Queuey done, Syncstorage done, Tokeserver week after]
  • Begin producing graphs based on incoming data [GREEN]


  • Implement external libraries for access to (Message Queue version) [GREEN]
  • Integrate Queuey with Socorro [YELLOW - waiting on hardware]
  • First implemented prototype for Message Storage [GREEN]
  • Document and implement authentication and identity semantics for external access. [YELLOW - Docs are good, but requirements are still not well-defined]


  • Figure out what the heck we need from Sauropod [RED - apparently nothing. Punting this until someone revives.]


  • Create and publish format for discovery entry-point response [GREEN]
  • Implement high availability token server for issuing Sagrada tokens to be consumed by sync [GREEN]
  • Integrate with BID verification [GREEN]
  • Store and serve user metadata (primarily sync node location) [GREEN]
  • Integrate with (or build new) node-assignment process [GREEN]


  • Incorporate support for use of Sagrada tokens in authentication and uid retrieval [GREEN]
  • Derive node allocation data from the Sagrada metadata token [GREEN]
  • Document and implement 2.0 API spec [GREEN]
  • Move controller layer to Cornice [GREEN]
  • Improve DB schema and implementation while we have empty DBs to work with [GREEN]