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DRAFT Q2 2012 goals


  • Examine expanding default collection options on metlog messages to meet open standard CEE requirements [COMPLETE]
  • Production scale logging deployed for Token, AITC and Queuey [ALMOST]
  • Create Node client libs with the same level of functionality as the python ones [NOT DONE]
  • Answer at least one product-driven question that shows off the power of Metlog [DEFERRED]
  • Start publicizing Metlog to the rest of Mozilla [DEFERRED]
  • Draft specifications for and explore implementation ramifications of metlog as external service [NOT DONE]
  • Investigate approach for providing metlog / logstash infrastructure for other Mozilla groups and services that will want to use metlog
  • Get `vagrant-metlog` fork of `vagrant-centos` set up that will provide a full working metlog->logstash->[statsd,logfiles,etc.] rig ready for client connections [IN PROGRESS]


  • Preliminary Slabs integration [ON HOLD]
  • Launch Queuey for Socorro (assuming hardware dependency resolved) [ON HOLD]
  • Finish implementing api for consumer lib and incorporate feedback from external clients [COMPLETE PENDING SOCORRO]
  • Metlog integration in queuey and qdo [COMPLETE]


  • Lock down discovery service syntax


  • Beta deployment supporting AITC [COMPLETE]
  • Scale up to full version for AITC (and Sync) official launch [COMPLETE]
  • Package up so that it's as easy as possible for external users to get up and running [COMPLETE]
  • Documentation for public release [COMPLETE]
  • C++ crypto workers - Python workers are handling high loads without concern, so this is no longer a goal.
  • Add CEF logging


  • Build an interface to control workers from a web console [ONGOING INTERN PROJECT]


  • Automatic API documentation
  • Automated curl-syntax/test generation
  • Refactor central libraries


  • Launch AITC [ON TRACK]
  • Finish up internal improvements to support 2.0 protocol, including better logic to prevent data collisions [ON TRACK]
  • Clean up underlying mysql to better handle transaction management, generation and isolation [DEFERRED TO Q3]
  • Make memcache layer less sync-centric and more configurable [ON TRACK]
  • Implement a deferred-delete strategy to try to keep those from happening in real time [DEFERRED TO Q3]
  • Do a technical analysis and make a call on using changesets for performance [DEFERRED TO Q3]
  • Scale out durable storage instances (including aitc) [ON TRACK]
  • Implement hibernation plans for inactive users [DEFERRED TO Q3]
  • Cleaning up Sync 1.1 tree bitrot [ON TRACK]


  • Plan and implement public and private key distribution [COMPLETE]
  • Document signing API [COMPLETE]
  • Launch preliminary version in preparation for Marketplace beta [COMPLETE]
  • Scale out system for full Marketplace launch [COMPLETE PENDING MARKETPLACE]
  • Preliminary plans to support multiple colos [ON HOLD]


  • Update build process docs to incorporate new information about CI [ALL DEFERRED DUE TO OPERATIONS CONSTRAINTS]
  • Create howto doc/framework for setting up a new project in jenkins
  • Enforce pinning of dependencies on tagged builds (or all builds, with a flag to turn it off?)
  • Set up Jenkins internal server + public summary page
  • Define how ops and devs interact with configuration files
  • Deploy one live production server being canary tested