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Q3 2012 goals


  • Get Metlog into final framework shape for release
  • Improve backend data reporting client
  • Document the framework to allow people to build futher metlog libraries on top of it
  • Brownbag presentation to Mozilla


  • Add another lock recipe and bugfixes to Kazoo [COMPLETE]
  • Do deployment in support of Soccoro [STILL WAITING ON SOCCORO]
  • Wrap up core queuey development & documentation [COMPLETE]
  • Get Qdo packed up and ready for a full release [COMPLETE]


  • Launch Sync 2.0
  • Package up Sync 2.0 for easy external installation
  • Clean up underlying mysql to better handle transaction management, generation and isolation
  • Implement a deferred-delete strategy to try to keep those from happening in real time
  • Do a technical analysis and make a call on using changesets for performance along with other stream-based solutions for history
  • Implement hibernation plans for inactive users
  • Identification, study and possible isolation of problematic users


  • Help Marketplace achieve their quarter goals.
  • Fully automated HSM key generation.