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Information Architecture


  • create a new account.
  • login to an existing account.
  • logout of an existing session.
  • change password.
  • change passphrase.
  • reset password
  • reset passphrase
  • toggle automatic login


  • Name current device.
  • Select direction to sync data to/from
  • Select frequency of sync (every 5 minutes/every hour/every day/every week/every month)
  • Toggle automatic sync


  • View current status of sync (what's in sync, what's pending)
  • View current connection state
  • Pause sync temporarily
  • View last successful sync timestamp
  • Select what data to sync.


  • Restore data from cloud
  • Erase data in cloud (by data type, all data)
  • View data currently in the cloud
  • View clients currently connected/syncing to the cloud


  • Configure custom server URL to connect to
  • View activity log (brief/detailed)
  • view service notifications (errors, warnings etc)
  • view all devices tied to user
  • select what data types to sync to/from each device

Doubtful if needed

  • Configure type of device.