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What does staring do? Er, what does starring do? Does it restart that particular build?

Starring does three things:

1) adds a comment to the bugzilla bug (if it was a bug suggestion shown by Treeherder, this doesn't happen for manually typed things)

2) Submits the failure to OrangeFactor (think crashstats, but for intermittent failures)

3) Stores the comment in Treeherders's database, so everyone viewing that tree/push can see that the failure has been starred (ie annotated with a comment and the asterisk next to the job), so they know it's not real breakage

Every 2 mins the TBPL UI refreshes and will pull down new jobs and also new annotations that other sheriffs might have added on their UI

Treeherder also displays a "unstarred failures" count in the top right of the UI (also the tab title) pressing "u" will toggle into "only display unstarred failures" mode, which is handy

Red, Green, whatever :)

Treeherder displays statues and test results in different colors like:

lightgray = pending

gray = running

green = success

orange = tests failed

purple = infrastructure exception

red = build error

blue = build has been restarted

pink =build was cancelled

black = unknown error

How are things starred?

If you click on a non-green job symbol on Treeherder the box will appear bottom right of the ui, with the summary of the failure.

It will will show log lines that match a set of hardcoded regexp.

If bugzilla searches for keywords from those lines matched any bugs (bugs with the keyword "intermittent-failure") then they will be displayed in the blue box to select a bug, you click the star next to that row.

Useful Shortcuts

Treeherder supports a series of useful Shortcuts. As Sheriffs these shortcuts are super helpful:

u = Toggle showing only unstarred failures n = Highlight next unstarred failure p = Highlight previous unstarred failure

More Technical Source

can be found here Auto-tools/Projects/Treeherder