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Treeherder is a reporting dashboard for checkins to Mozilla projects (for example, mozilla-central). It allows users to see the results of automatic builds and their respective tests. Treeherder also provides a rich set of APIs that can be used by other projects interested in this information.

Treeherder is the successor to TBPL.

For tracking performance data, see Treeherder's sister project, Perfherder.

For tracking intermittent test failures, see Intermittent Failures View.


To make UI changes, in many cases you only need to perform a very simple setup running a local webserver pointing at the production instance, described here. If you wish to hack on the backend, or the UI and backend together, you will instead need to set up a Vagrant environment, using these steps.

Source and Docs

Getting in touch

What we're working on

Assigned Treeherder bugs that have been modified in the last month. View on Bugzilla

Full Query
ID Priority Component Summary Assigned to
1499551 -- Treeherder: Frontend Treeherder consuming much memory/RAM (and CPU due to GC/garbage collection?) Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1435511 -- Treeherder: Frontend If you try to select text (e.g. URLs) from informational "i" menus on TreeHerder, the menu closes Wes Kocher (:KWierso)
1493833 P1 Treeherder: Frontend Fix dependency cycle in url.js/location.js/taskcluster.js Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1499559 P1 Treeherder: Frontend "Classification saved for..." banner getting stuck until the refresh of the page Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1496372 P1 Treeherder: Infrastructure Add Florin Strugariu to Treeherder sheriff group so he can work on Perfherder alerts Ed Morley [:emorley]
1443251 P1 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Remove Treeherder support for Buildbot Ed Morley [:emorley]
1364894 P1 Treeherder: Frontend Update Neutrino from v4 to v9 Ed Morley [:emorley]
1389572 P2 Treeherder: Infrastructure Reduce the time taken between pushing to the production branch and the Heroku deploy completing Ed Morley [:emorley]
1306707 P2 Treeherder: Data Ingestion Remove support for 12 character ('short') SHA revisions Ed Morley [:emorley]
1409103 P3 Treeherder: Frontend [meta] Migrate from AngularJS to React Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1116372 P3 Treeherder: Log Parsing & Classification Remove the "intermittent needs filing" classification Ed Morley [:emorley]
1384255 P3 Treeherder: Frontend Reduce the size of the webpack bundles Ed Morley [:emorley]

Recent changes

Bugs fixed in the last 14 days. View on Bugzilla

Full Query
ID Component Summary Assigned to
1499531 Treeherder: Job Triggering & Cancellation Unable to cancel pending jobs, TypeError: G.jobList is undefined; can't access element at index 0 Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1450024 Treeherder: Frontend Convert Notifications to ReactJS Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1450040 Treeherder: Frontend Convert resultset_store.js to ReactJS Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1497444 Treeherder: Frontend when changing filters and branches we lose other filters Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1498076 Treeherder: Frontend Back button does not work in treeherder Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1498139 Treeherder: Frontend bottom panel with job details and failure suggestion doesn't load Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1498275 Treeherder: Frontend Can't expand a group of jobs under "Add new jobs" Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1498835 Treeherder: Frontend Tier 3 is hard to select Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1499141 Treeherder: Frontend Convert "main" controller to ReactJS Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1499591 Treeherder: Frontend Selecting the "pin all jobs" button is broken when there are no jobs shown for the push Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1499852 Treeherder: Frontend Platform sort order is no longer alphabetical Cameron Dawson [:camd]
1478059 Treeherder: Infrastructure Upgrade Heroku stack from Heroku-16 to Heroku-18 Ed Morley [:emorley]
1450026 Treeherder: Frontend Convert Userguide to ReactJS Guilherme Bayer
1166905 Treeherder: Docs & Development Combine the UI and service docs Sarah Clements [:sclements]