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We think it's important that helping us should be fun. The first component that you should follow, should be something you care a lot about Thunderbird. This will make you more confident on how to use bugzilla and how to deal with following a component. Once you feel comfortable with that, ask us and we'll tell you which one need more attentions then others.
=== How do easily deal with new bugs ===
When I deal with a new bug and depending on the bug , there are Three easy question one can ask :
The last question is a good starting point to try to reproduce - as once you've reproduce you can confirm the existence of the bug. If you can't reproduce say , so in a bug comment. You might also want to ask for precisions (ie on windows is there an anti-virus program running etc ...)
=== Dealing with regressions ===
For some bugs the reporters will tell you that something used to work and doesn't work anymore. These are called regressions.
Flag these bugs with the regression keyword and it really helps the developers what broke Thunderbird. This can be easily found using our [[Thunderbird:Testing/Regression regression instructions]].
== Docs ==
Canmove, confirm

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