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Mozilla's Summer Campaign: What's it all about?

Mozilla's Summer Code Party:
Learn the basics of coding and the web by making and building together.  
With tools, resources and events that make it easy, social and fun. 

  • Learn by making something amazing – fast.  Take something you're already passionate about, and use that as a jumping off point for learning more about code and the web. For example...
    • Make your blog more awesome. Tweak your Tumblr or WordPress blog by customizing the HTML and CSS in your templates, using Mozilla tools and how tos to make it easier.
    • Make a new webpage. Just started something with your friends (a band, club, etc.)? Use Mozilla tools to create a web presence that you really *made* for yourselves.
    • Make an interactive video. Take any video on the web and supercharge it by adding pop-ups, commentary and interactivity, with tools like Mozilla Popcorn.
    • Host your own informal teach-in. Invite teens to gather around a kitchen table and do a Hackasaurus mission, sharing what you make together.
    • "Webify" something. Take a story or blog post and mark it up using HTML.
    • Go deeper.  Create a killer app, new web site, or web-based game.
  • Open to anyone.  All are welcome to participate, and we'll be using a broad mix of tools and platforms, not just Mozilla  software.
  • Earn recognition and Mozilla badges. Public recognition for your new skills.
  • Collaborate with others around the world. Share what you've made. Be inspired by what others have made. Hack and remix it together.


What exactly are we doing?

Creating a winning combination of events, learning tools & resources, and local & global partners
Think summer festival meets webmaker summer camp, with a lot of more informal events along the way. There will be organized, free courses, camps and teach-ins around the world, and easy ways for small groups to plug in.
Concretely, we're organizing: 
  • 1) Learning events and hackfests. Get excited and make things at local design jams, learning labs and code camps, both large and small.
  • 2) Awesome tools and starter-kits. New webmaking and learning tools from Mozilla and others, plus kits, curricula and how tos. 
  • 3) Local partners and communities. Like-minded organizations around the world are planning great summer events and learning opportunities, so we want to help get everyone under one, connected umbrella.


Creating a more web-literate planet. Together.

The Summer Code Party is a party with a mission: Provide free web skills to the world. This year, we're making a big commitment to software and  resources that help the world learn the web. Not just using the web -- but making and building with the web: to help people understand it, take it apart, and make their own amazing things with it. 

And we're building a global community of web instructors
We can't do it alone. We want to work with you to build a global community of partners and community-based web instructors -- not just this summer, but beyond. So that we can inspire a new generation of inventors, makers and open source innovators together.