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SuMo Mobile Meeting

5:30PM UTC (10:30AM PT) (Held every Wednesday) Estimated time: 25 minutes - 1 Hour

  1. sumo (IRC) is where links will be transmitted between each other.

You need to have Vidyo in order to join. Join link: Please enter guest name and then click join.

To call in: +1 650 903 0800, x92 9213 +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 9213

Previous Minutes (link will be added after each meeting) Attendees (enter your name here): michelle luna, patrick mcclard, Rachel McGuigan, Roland Tanglao, hermina condei, ralph daub

Mobile Meet


  • B2G:
    • nhirata ordered a TCL device from Poland
    • nhirata to meet with rdaub sometime this week?
    • Open SUMO B2G Bugs :[SUMO-b2g][SUMO-b2g]

  • Firefox for Android:

Firefox Android News

  • no news is good news other than more partners in 2014 :-)

Firefox OS News

  • Dec 3rd - Launched in Italy! (online launch) together with TIM.

Phone - Alcatel One Touch Fire v1.1. Device price - 79EUR. Phones in stores starting Dec 6th. For more details - TIM press release -

  • 14th country launched this year!

Firefox OS

  • Alcatel FOTA in Poland - still ongoing issue unfortunately
  • Partner escalation from Peru - ZTE Open new users aren't able to connect to the internet until they open the APN settings screen in "Settings". Issue is being investigated at the moment - bug 946045
  • Testing v1.2, issue with wifi, v1.3 testing flatfish

-Bug Bash - Dec 12th: open to all - for 1.2

  1. dogfood channel to ask about

Firefox For Android Feedback

  • Can we put the link to Tyler's reports?

Firefox For Android

  • Help wanted: Please help us test Firefox for Android 26 beta on Android 4.4 KitKat: it's available for Nexus Devices and Google Edition of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, available on HTC One and Moto X as well; we have a number of KitKat bugs that we'd love to have a consistent set of steps to reproduce:

Anything else

  • blog post with weekly meeting notes created-thanks for suggesting!

Notes for the next meeting

  • Hermina to talk to Madalina about reaching out to Italian community for separate forum for Firefox OS.
  • Doublecheck bug for Serbian forum on Kitsune, (Ibai checked, should be live soonish)
  • Should we try to post to the Polish message to the non-mozilla forum?
  • Rachel to add link to bug jam, v1.2 testing information

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