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Present at meeting (enter your name here): michelle luna, roland tanglao, ralph daub, patrick mcclard, rachel mcguigan

Previous Action Items:

== QA: == 
   B2G QA:
   nhirata to meet with rdaub to talk about 1.1 issues
   Haida changes :
   1.3 will see the browser go away and move into the rocketbar, we're going to need to figure out how to deal with bookmarks, they might end up on the home screen
   want to think about mitigating questions on this
   1.2 l10n testing being wrapped up; 1.2 testing coming closer to an end
   Helix 1.1HD testing given to Vendors to finish up
   Flatfish not til next year?  Most QA/Dev do not have the device
   1.3 will be getting focus soon.
   MWC concerns
   SUMO Issues: Please use [SUMO-b2g] in whiteboard tag to make it easier to search
   MDN article for : ?
   fm radio being in stereo to be fixed in 1.3 : see
   Firefox For Android QA

Firefox OS or Android news

   Hungary launched with Telenor this week! 
   Thanks, this Thanksgiving especially, to all who contribute to mobile support for Mozilla products, you all are *the best*
   Patrick has roped in his family on FFOS! 

B2G/ Firefox OS:

   Upgrade issues; still working on this with TCL for Poland via Mozilla's technical account manager, they need affected devices and are figuring out how to get them--if you are in Poland with an affected device please reach out to mluna or hcondei

Feedback for Firefox OS

   Need to add "Mobile Company" to the Forum, when creating a new question - I found there ia already a bug filed for this you can comment there: (madalina
   Not active -

Firefox for Android:

   flash video does NOT work on Android Kit Kat 4.4 (it worked on 4.3). It seems like Google broke the API, Firefox for Android developers are trying to hack around it :
   Kitkat 4.4 is out for Nexus devices (4,7,10) and shortly for HTC One and Samsung S IV google edition, please test Firefox for Android on it; other than flash video it appears to be OK
   Do you use Firefox for Android on an Android tablet? If so please test and let us know about any issues. We're hearing reports about issues on less powerful tablets. Nexus 10 appears to be fine. Philipp do you know?
   FF25 is great, FF26 is documented, FF27 nothing to document (yes i am like the Maytag repair person who has nothing to do :-) !)

== Anything else --

   Can I ask if its possible if a admin also sticks this agendas on the sumo blog as it might be better 

Action items for next week: