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On Friday, April 11th, we'll be hosting our first SUMO day. This page is meant as an overview of what we need to do and when.


  • To increase the number of SUMO contributors
  • To empower existing contributors with more knowledge about the project
  • To learn more about our strengths and weaknesses
  • To get more experience planning and executing events like this, to figure out if we can make this a recurring event

To do / Action list

  • Write announcement to send out to the Mozilla community. Deadline for about:mozilla submissions is Sunday, April 6th - STATUS: DONE
  • Figure out "events" for KB, forum, and Live Chat - STATUS: IN PROGRESS
  • Create page (e.g. on the wiki, or on SUMO itself) with the announcement and additional info about events. Deadline: Friday, April 4th - STATUS: CREATED, IN PROGRESS [1]
  • Write announcement to send out to sites outside Mozilla community. Deadline: Monday, April 7th - STATUS: IN PROGRESS
  • Determine and make software and layout improvements to make contributing easier for new helpers - STATUS: PENDING

Ideas / Brainstorming

  • Where can we publish the Mozilla community announcement?
    • mZ front page
    • about:mozilla newsletter
    • Mozilla Links [2]
    • Foxiewire
    • Mozilla Blog?
    • SFX
  • Where can we publish the announcement to the rest of the world?
    • Do we want to go too much more public for this first run? We might overload the system (software, capacity of the current contributors to mentor) if it's too popular (Lucy)
    • Digg
    • Lifehacker
  • Do we want rewards for most active/valuable contributors? I'm not convinced it's actually necessary (djst)
    • I think so. We're going to be relying on them to put in a lot of work to make the day successful. For new people who are active on the day we can come up with non-material rewards. Needs to be decided ASAP. (Lucy)
    • Talking about swag with marketing team (djst)
    • Other thank yous, that don't involve swag
      • List of names on blog posting (Lucy)
      • Special badges people can add to their blog (Lucy)
      • Personal email thank yous from the SUMO team (Lucy)

Draft of announcement to Mozilla community

On April 11th we'll be hosting a day all about getting to know SUMO and how to use our site to help Firefox users enjoy their favorite browser. We hope to provide an opportunity for our existing community to work together, as well as give a chance for new contributors to join us while more experienced contributors are around to answer their questions and lend a hand.

Not only will we be working on the usual tasks that come with supporting users through the Knowledge Base, Forums and Live Chat, we will also have preplanned projects designed to help contributors get to know the different features of our site. Just as importantly, this will be an opportunity for our community to let us know what we still need to improve to make things easier for new contributors to jump in and help out.

Check back for more details as we get closer to the day, or come find us on or in #sumo on