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For suggesting and planning events and projects for SUMO Day, April 11th. Projects/Events should ideally be harder tasks that would be easier to do with a group, or easy tasks that are good for new users to familiarize themselves with us.

Final events?

There are many ways you take part in the Mozilla support community. Many people choose to write, translate, improve and work on the articles that form the heart of support. These articles are what users go to first if they need help so making them easy to use and understand will greatly improve the user experience. We also offer direct support through our Live Chat service and the forums. Here, users can ask questions and get a reply from one of our experienced staff. That's where you come in. If you like working directly with users, answering their questions and working with them we've got just the place for you!

Helping with support articles

The knowledge base is the collection of articles that have been written for support. Like with any open collection, it can always use improvements. Here are a few things you can do to make it better.

  • Add screenshots to an article -- With well-placed screenshots, Knowledge Base articles become much easier to understand. Help add these screenshots, giving visual directions in our existing articles where it makes sense. <>
  • Update article for Firefox 3 -- Many of the existing Knowledge Base articles were written for Firefox 2, and it's time to update them for Firefox 3. Here's the catch: we still want to support Firefox 2 at the same time! There are nifty tricks in tikiwiki to do this. Find out more. <>
  • Translate an article -- Is a Knowledge Base article for a topic not available in your language? Maybe you're the missing link! Help us reach out to a wider audience by translating the article into your language.
  • Check spelling and punctuation -- Even though a Knowledge Base article is easy to understand and solves the problem, it might contain a few typos or excessive (or insufficient) use of punctuation. Are you good with grammar and spelling? Help take our grammar up to your standards! < see proof-read section>

Working directly with users

  • Help users in the Forum -- While the Knowledge Base is constantly growing to include the issues our users are facing in Firefox, there will always be issues that we're not yet covering there. That's what the Firefox Forum is for. Help us by answering the forum questions that are still unanswered! <>
  • Help users in Live Chat sessions -- This is by far the most social way of participating in the SUMO project. You'll interact directly with users of Firefox, solving issues and answering questions with the assistance of other Live Chat helpers. Brighten someone's day, one user at a time. <>

Other tasks

  • Create a favicon for SUMO -- We'd love to have our own site icon (a.k.a. favicon) that would appear next to the URL in the location bar when visiting SUMO. If you're up for the task, we'd love to use your work! Just ping an OP in #sumo if you have something to show us, or have any questions. <no extra info needed, i think (djst)>

Knowledge Base


  • Tagging articles
  • Check spelling and punctuation all articles
  • Add screenshots
  • Replace instances of Apple's command symbol (⌘) with "Cmd"


  • Update articles with Firefox 3 info (Support/Firefox3:Articles)
  • Adding/replacing content with SHOWFOR; introduce people to SHOWFOR
  • Add troubleshooting links to help articles
  • Make sure articles comply with manual of style

Everyday tasks (always on contributor homepage)

  • Create an article from the list of article requests
  • Translate an article
  • Try improve wording on articles


  • Look for unanswered threads

Live Chat

Live Chat can't really be broken down into different tasks that trainees can do apart from what we already do, though trainees could pair up with an experienced helper and offload from them by performing certain tasks for them like:

  • Research the issue while the experienced helper asks questions
  • Add undocumented answers and problems to chirpy

There are some tasks related to Live Chat that can also be done

  • Add verified info from chirpy to the Knowledge Base
    • File bugs to add the info rather than adding it directly

Ok, the way I (Cww) see it there are two good ways to go about this:

1) If we don't have that many new people on, let's make a new room for trainees (call it research?) and leave Contributors as the "social" room. Then helpers can just ask in the room for research help. Of course the usual invite-to-chat thing would still apply.

2) If we have lots of new people, each helper can make their own room for trainees and have little "teams" where they apprentice maybe two or three people the way we do now. Invite to chats, discuss open cases in their little teams. This would involve inviting all the members of your team to your open chats (a little harder) but I think they'd get more out of it.


  • create a favicon for sumo
  • create a Firefox Support search plugin