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  • bug 1283763 NEW:: fix gdb pretty printers for nsTArray
    • Filed bug 1283763 and sent a patch
  • bug 1219672 NEW:: [meta] e10s related ShutDownKill parent side abort of the content process
    • Looking bug 1219672
  • bug 1264566 NEW:: [e10s] UAC error message "Acces Denied" when doing action on file/folder after upload in Firefox with form submit
    • Bug 1264566 - update patch
  • bug 1283768 RESOLVED::FIXED add a gdb helper to dereference smart pointers
    • Filed bug 1283768 and sent a patch


  • Checked 0703 nightly crashes for uptime
  • Collected memory reports for :jrmuizel see where could the write combine memory from
  • bug 1266517 NEW:: OOM | large crash in MessageChannel::OnMessageReceivedFromLink()
    • Bug 1266517 checked minidumps and there're a lot of <1m free blocks like bug 1259512, will see if i can figure out what causes it
    • Working on bug 1266517 and trying to sort out where are the writecombine memory from
  • bug 1259512 NEW:: [e10s] significantly higher rates of OOM crashes in the content process of Firefox with e10s than in the main process of non-e10s
    • Bug 1266517 checked minidumps and there're a lot of <1m free blocks like bug 1259512, will see if i can figure out what causes it
  • bug 1284787 NEW:: error in json for /home/socorro/temp/xxx.memory_report.TEMPORARY.dump: ValueError('Expected object or value',)
    • Filed bug 1284787
  • bug 1267329 RESOLVED::FIXED CreateMinidumpsAndPair doesn't record memory information
    • Bug 1267329 try looks good, about landing


  • bug 1281223 REOPENED:: Crash in @0x0 | mozilla::dom::PContentChild::DestroySubtree
    • Bug 1281223: loaded the dump and found that the bug is a use-after-free
    • Looking at bug 1281223
  • bug 1279612 NEW:: Near permafailing mda tests on Win7 debug on beta in test_webvtt_disabled.html | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort(char const * const)]
    • Investigating bug 1279612
  • bug 1284674 NEW:: Can we remove Nuwa?
    • Replied to ni request for bug 1284674
  • bug 1283017 RESOLVED::FIXED ContentParent::GetAll() can get a dead instance
    • Landed bug 1283017 and requesting uplift


  • Checked crash reports for 6/27 build
  • Update platform Q2 status report
  • bug 1279635 NEW:: need a way to synchronously retrieve back/forward status of mozbrowser
    • Reply ni bug 1279635
  • bug 1282737 ASSIGNED:: ipc::FatalError error message does not appear on Socorro
    • Bug 1282737, submitted patch for review
    • r-, needs to try other methods

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