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DOM folks located in Taipei (UTC+8)

Team Members (:IRC_Nickname)

  • Alphan Chen (:alchen)
  • Ben Hsu (:hopang)
  • Ben Tian (:btian)
  • Bevis Tseng (:bevistseng)
  • Eden Chuang (:edenchuang)
  • Edgar Chen (:edgar)
  • Hsin-Yi Tsai (:hsinyi, Engineering Manager)
  • Jessica Jong (:jessica)
  • John Dai (:jdai)
  • Samael Wang (:freesamael)
  • Shawn Huang (:shawnjohnjr)
  • Stone Shih (:stone)
  • Tom Tung (:tt)

Domain Focus

Who Works on What

  • Scheduling (processes, threads, fibres): Bevis (QDOM labelling), Stone (input prioritization)
  • Exposed Web APIs: Alphan (payment), BTian (payment), Eden (payment), Edgar (html, dom), Jessica (html, dom), John (html, dom), Stone (events)
  • Browser integration (navigation, history, XPConnect, XPCOM, XBL): Samael (document navigation)
  • Workers (“threads for the Web” incl. SW): Eden (SW), Tom (SW)
  • Web-exposed client-side storage: Bevis (IDB), Shawn (Storage, QM), Tom (Storage, QM)


What We're Doing

Below is the list of the ongoing projects and the members.

What We Shipped



Visit the link to get the overview of deliverables and work-in-progress items.

Status Report

Find the team news and status here

Bug Triage

DOM Bug Triage

Documents & Presentations

2016 Q2

2016 Q3

2016 Q4

2017 Q1

2017 Q2

2017 Q3

2017 Q4

Communication Channel

  • IRC channel: #content
  • Mailing group:
    • dev-platform [at]
    • tpe-dom [at] to reach out to the Taipei DOM folks