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The Payment Request API makes online purchases easier without having to manually fill personal and payment information for every purchase. Together with the form autofill feature, it saves user's time and effort when making online purchases by storing their personal and payment information in Firefox to be used when a merchant requests payment. The Payment Request UI provides consistency across merchant sites.

The Payment Handler API builds upon Payment Request by providing a pluggable protocol (based on service workers) which facilitates purchasing through third party payment providers. Payment Handlers allows web-based payment applications to act as Payment Request payment methods which can be integrated into merchant websites.

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1616863 Payment Request dialog container styles broken RESOLVED Marcos Caceres [:marcosc] P1
1645972 PaymentRequest's show() must consume user activation NEW --
1651600 Re-enable mochitests and wpt tests for Payment Request NEW P5
1652639 Stub PaymentHandler DOM bindings to allow prototyping NEW P3
1654227 Enable web platform tests for Payment Request RESOLVED Marcos Caceres [:marcosc] P1

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Payment Request was originally developed in 2017 and 2018. Development was halted prior to shipping. Below are links to some of the resources associated with that project.