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This page is intended as a space to collect ideas for presentation and discussion for the Thunderbird Virtual Summit, taking place in January 2020.


How to Improve Thunderbird Documentation

Type: Discussion (an alternative would be presentation)

Host/Speaker: Ryan Sipes [:ryanleesipes]

This discussion would cover how we might improve developer and enterprise user documentation. Would also like to touch on how to make the developer documentation easier to find for new contributors.

How to begin with Thunderbird Development: A guide for University students and Junior Developers

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Khushil Mistry [:khushil324]

This presentation and discussion would cover my journey as a GSoC student and Thunderbird Intern. I will talk about the difficulties I faced and how university students and junior developers can start their contribution with Thunderbird.

Why we might want to start type checking our JavaScript and how that could even work

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Speaker: Paul Morris [:pmorris]

JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, but now TypeScript's tooling can be used to statically type check plain vanilla JavaScript files (with some help from JSDoc). Type checking offers various benefits that include catching certain classes of bugs sooner (before they get to users) and making code easier to understand. Tools like ESLint and Prettier have improved Thunderbird's JavaScript code and developer experience. Would type checking be a good next step and how might that work?