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The Telemetry wiki page has more information about using Telemetry -- this page describes the 2015 project.


In 2015, we migrated Firefox Health Report data collection to the Telemetry system. At the same time, we made changes to Telemetry so that pings would be sent more frequently. We also updated the Data Pipeline that ingests and processes the data.


  • Fx41 (2015-09-22): Started sending opt-out telemetry (base set) for 5% of the release population
  • Fx42 (2015-11-03): Started sending opt-out telemetry (base set) for 100% of the release population
  • Fx43 (2015-12-15): Stopped sending FHR v2 data

Goals for Unified Telemetry

  • On the client, unify the telemetry and FHR measurement systems so that measurements do not have to be implemented more than once in different systems.
  • Reduce the latency from the time a measurement occurs until it can be analyzed on the server.
  • Increase the accuracy of measurements so that they can be better correlated with factors in the user environment such as the specific build, enabled addons, and other hardware or software factors.
  • Use a common data pipeline for client telemetry and service log data.


Analysis and Reporting



  • Monitoring and alerting about pipeline health
  • Basic tool support
    • Telemetry Dashboard works against new pipeline data
    • Telemetry-dash (or new equivalent) can launch spark, heka reporting jobs
  • Derived data sets
    • Executive dashboard rollup
    • 1% sample of clientIds for longitudinal analysis
  • v2-v4 Data Continuity
    • Executive dashboard continues to work
    • Search analysis continues to work

Client work

Pipeline work

Client Testing



  • Kickoff document
    • "Query Requirements" section has list of sample queries/questions that get asked frequently of FHR data

People and Roles

  • Georg Fritzsche (client data collection)
  • Alessio Placitelli, :Dexter (client data collection)
  • Mark Reid (data pipeline, telemetry server)
  • Michael Trinkala, :trink (data pipeline, heka)
  • Wesley Dawson, :whd (data pipeline operations)
  • Daniel Thornton, :relud (data pipeline operations)
  • Stuart Philp (test automation)
  • Anthony Zhang (Telemetry dashboard)
  • Roberto Vitillo (Spark analysis tool, telemetry data validation)
  • Brendan Colloran (metrics team, data validation)
  • Sam Penrose (metrics team, data validation)
  • Thomas Huelbert (project management)
  • Katie Parlante (eng manager)
  • Benjamin Smedberg (project sponsor, data steward)