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The Firefox Health Report ("FHR") provides users with information about their browser's performance and stability over time. Mozilla uses this data to provide users with meaningful comparisons and tips. We also aggregate the data shared by everyone to make Firefox better for our users.

This page collects development resources around FHR, from a user perspective or if you need an introduction into what FHR is, please see the resources listed above.



Teams and Contacts

These teams and people are involved in the FHR efforts (IRC nicks included where they are different than the usual format):

  • Metrics: John Jensen (Brendan Colloran, Dave Zeber, and Saptarshi Guha)
  • Data Warehousing: Anurag Phadke
  • Business Intelligence: Annie Elliott
  • UX
    • Desktop: Larissa Co, Stephen Horlander
    • Android: Arun Balachandran Ganesan (abc), Ian Barlow
  • Engineering
    • Desktop: Benjamin Smedberg, Gregory Szorc (gps)
    • Android: Richard Newman, Michael Comella, Nicholas Alexander
  • Web Services ("receiving the packets"): Mark Reid
  • Web Engineering (about:healthreport - client UI/server-side infra): Laura Thomson (laura), Schalk Neethling (espressive)
  • QA
    • Quality metrics: Robert Kaiser (KaiRo)
    • Testing: Kamil Jozwiak
  • User Advocacy: Matt Grimes (Matt_G)
  • Privacy: Alex Fowler
  • Legal: Jishnu Menon
  • Product:
    • Desktop: Chad Weiner
    • Android: Karen Rudnitski

Current Projects

These efforts/projects are currently being worked on by the FHR crew:

  • Data Quality
    • Trying to understand the integrity and quality of the collected data
    • Being worked on by the Metrics team
  • Improvement of stability probes
    • We know that the crash data we get in FHR so far is insufficient for decent stability analysis, for multiple reasons.
    • Backend to deliver good data is being worked on in bug 875562.
  • More User Benefit
    • Adding additional bits to the client to provide more benefit to the user, giving concrete tips on cases where Firefox' health can be improved by the user
    • User Advocacy and Metrics agreed on a proposal, pushing forward on that, will need UX input among others
  • Firefox OS (Planned)
    • We'd like to get something like FHR to Firefox OS in 2014, we're starting planning on that soon.


Q & A

  • How does about:healthreport work?
    • Though it's a client-side page, its code pulled from a server and run in an iframe.
    • Local data is requested per postMessage and integrated into the display without sending it to the server that serves this page (of course, if sending FHR data is on, Mozilla collects data but that's on a different server).
    • The page can be updated independent of the "train" schedule.
  • How can I get a new probe into FHR?
    • [Details to come, for now start with filing a bug (will need that anyhow)]
  • More questions? Ask Us! See Communication section