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Crowd Source Testing, Mozilla Community Style

Software testing and crowd sourcing are made for each other. The reach of today's web based applications extend well beyond country borders. Take for example today's modern web browser. A software application that rivals the complexity and features of any computer operating system. To become a successful world player in the web browser market, your browser must correctly render web pages and media across the global landscape of bleeding edge web standards to web pages written years ago.

Mozilla and its global community has been developing the Firefox browser for over a decade and continues to hold second position in the global browser market. A dominant success factor can be attributed to the participation of Mozilla's community in the testing of Firefox. In this talk I will show how Mozilla has been using crowd sourced testing and feedback monitoring of the nearly million member beta testing community to assess Firefox stability and release readiness and demonstrate why Mozilla's testing and user communities are at the true heart of it's current and future success.