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Design Queue

Things I'm actively thinking about or working on. These are just ideas and mockups in development. None of these are final and any of the changes may or may not make it into Thunderbird.

Compose Recipients Improvements

I like the idea of having autocomplete names box the recipient to a smaller size. I also (as shown in the links) added random color coding to the recipients to indicate differences in domains. The intention of domain coloring is to indicate that you're sending mail to multiple domains, as useful thing to notice in companies where you want to keep mails internal.

I didn't work much on the entry area, as you can see it was minimally changed.

Follow Up Reminder

Often people want to remind themselves to follow up with a person they are emailing. The common usecase I've observed is that people want to set a followup as they are writing the email (common if they know the specific date they need to follow up on) or after they have sent the mail.

Message List View

The current message list view is filled with extremely redundant information that would make Tufte scream in pain and agony. The conversation view made famous by GMail does an excellent job of collapsing the needed thread information into a single line. I think we can go a bit further by still allowing a threaded expansion view of mails in the list, but offering short text previews and removing the repeated data like subjects that are the same.