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In bug 423464 there is a new way proposed to auto-download the first set of news group headers and let the user decide to download more from that point or to ignore the previous number of messages.

After this initial interaction with the news group auto-downloader a person's view of the news group is only the latest number of messages which may be incomplete and worse, the person may not easily know that there are more messages which could be downloaded.

Here is a possible solution for this problem.

Thunderbird (news groups) Only Downloaded First 100 Notification.png

By placing a similar notification bar inline to the beginning of message list view we can let the user know that there are more messages to be had and give them quick controls to grab those extra messages.

NOTE: this notification bar is not sitting on top of the message list view, it is visible only if the person scrolls to the top (oldest message) of the message list.

The notification bar has a close button such that it can be dismissed, further downloading of message headers then takes place from the File menu as usual.

PLEASE: ignore the specific text that I used in the notification bar, a more natural phrase is required and the information available might not include what I wrote. However I believe the spirit of the text is something we should work towards.