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Pr Rank Bug # Description
P1 691951 Telemetry prompt gets dismissed without user interaction
P1 539546 Trigger password autofill earlier to avoid overwriting unnecessary user input
P1 568409 The Preferences dialog should not be modal
P1 407981 Delayed shutdown makes it impossible to start Firefox immediately after exiting
P1 260611 leave bookmarks menu open when I middle-click a bookmark
P1 334987 Only play sounds from current tab/window
P1 355063 Password manager does not work on script-generated forms
P1 378775 implement Opera's behavior for selecting text inside of a link and link drag and drop
P1 425145 User Option to Save ID and Password When autocomplete equals off
P1 545595 Warn the user when he is about to send a credit card number over non-SSL
P1 565764 Scrollbar gets too small to use on long pages
P1 549697 Add click-to-start form of disabled plugins
P1 566510 Allow multiselect operations on tabs
P1 583890 When the full page title is not shown remove redundant text in tabs
P1 597593 Move undo tabs/windows to the List All Tabs menu
P1 259059 Show when CAPS-LOCK is on and focus is in a password field
P1 171237 Scroll view a few lines beyond occurrence of found search term with type ahead find and toolkit find to show more context instead of last line/bottom of page
P1 693253 Search on page results visibility should be improved
P1 342101 Find bar: Auto-highlight all matches in page
P1 248955 search box should be tab-specific (content should not persist when switching tabs)