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I am a mozillian in the Necko-Team. I like improving docs when reading through them.

Resources to integrate somewhere into firefox-source-docs (or wiki)

My personal TODO-List for my outstanding documentation changes (where I don't have the time to do them immediately)/My non-trivially learned lessons about Firefox development:

ac_add_options --enable-debug
ac_add_options --enable-clang-plugin
#ac_add_options --disable-unified-build
ac_add_options --with-ccache=sccache
  • Bugzilla instant search. It's the same as duplicate search when entering bugs. Easier to find bugs with this search than the normal for me:
  • moz-phab can be used to download and checkout patches from phabricator using moz-phab patch D000000 and replace D000000 with the patch-id from phabricator