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Multimedia for Reuse (and Localization)

The main idea is to publish all the elements of the multimedia as discreet parts. This would enable someone to reuse the multimedia. As an example; if the visuals were good, a person could record the audio in a different language and republish or rework the introduction for a different context.

  1. Create a Treatment
  2. Request a Peer Review - but don't wait for the review before you start developing the multimedia
  3. Media object creation - create the multimedia as separate elements
    1. Audio elements
    2. Animations
    3. Video
    4. Etc.
  4. Object publishing (with timelines) - publish each object as separate element (this should match the treatment). Be sure to publish separate files in an open and editable format. Keep video files in a raw high quality format is possible. This will assist in keeping quality through time as elements are reused. An example:
    1. 0:00 - Introduction (link to video file and link to audio file)
    2. 1:20 - Samples (video and audio)
    3. 2:00 - Simple to Complex documents (video and audio)
    4. 2:40 - Editing a letter (screencast and audio)
    5. 4:10 - Summary (video and audio)
    6. 4:55 - Departing Question (video and audio)
  5. Once all elements have been completed, publish multimedia as single object - put together all the separate multimedia elements using a video editor and publish.
  6. Request to reuse - let the community know you have published the whole multimedia object and the separate elements. Request someone reuse it and put it into another context.