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ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
936536 Make webmaker-suite work in a docker instance [workweek-devops][workweek][devops] JP Schneider :jp RESOLVED
948637 Refresh Webmaker welcome email [workweek] [engagement] Amira RESOLVED
957989 Update Event Guides [copywriting] [workweek][kit][events2][mvp] inactivate account for kate RESOLVED
959389 Create a user testing kit for Webmaker [crossteambugs] [copywriting][workweek-codesign][workweek] RESOLVED
959537 make Teaching Kits print nice [mentor][crossteambugs] [workweek][teachingkit] Michael V RESOLVED
959727 Create User Testing Kit for Appmaker [crossteambugs] [copywriting] [workweek][workweek-codesign] Kat Braybrooke [:codekat] RESOLVED
962503 Tracking bug for teaching/activity kit experiments [tracking bug] [workweek] William Duyck [:fuzzyfox] RESOLVED
962506 Create tool to visualize connections between a teaching kit, activities, and makes [experiment][workweek] William Duyck [:fuzzyfox] RESOLVED
962509 Simplify the HTML for Teaching Kits [workweek]teachingkit, mvp William Duyck [:fuzzyfox] RESOLVED
962529 Create bootstrap like documentation/framework for Teaching Kit creation [experiment] [workweek] William Duyck [:fuzzyfox] RESOLVED
962753 Ship Webmaker developer documentation on Google Analytics Events Tracking [workweek][workweek-metrics] Adam Lofting (:adamlofting) RESOLVED
964277 Gather top 100 teaching resources for Web Literacy in a spreadsheet [workweek] [content][workweek-content] Michelle Thorne RESOLVED
964284 Get webmaker-suite vagrant instance working with AWS provider [workweek][workweek-devops] Dmitry Hamabama Yastremskiy RESOLVED
964766 Determine how to more gently rev new versions to cause no interruptions [workweek] [devops][workweek-devops] JP Schneider :jp RESOLVED
964771 Add GA Event for Thimble Publish [workweek][workweek-metrics] David Humphrey (:humph) RESOLVED
964772 Cleanup and resizing of infrastructure [workweek-devops][workweek] RESOLVED
964775 Investigate hardening node.js servers with nginx [workweek-devops][workweek] JP Schneider :jp RESOLVED
964779 Move some configs into repo [workweek-devops][workweek] JP Schneider :jp RESOLVED
965288 Ship documentation for partners [workweek] [content][workweek-content] RESOLVED
965292 Ship documentation for community sprint on tagging WebLitMap resources [workweek] [content][workweek-content] [:dajbelshaw] Doug Belshaw RESOLVED
965295 Ship a Webmaker curriculum glossary [workweek] [content][workweek-content] [:dajbelshaw] Doug Belshaw RESOLVED
965328 Ensure relevant work week participants have access to Google Analytics reports for webmaker sites [workweek] Adam Lofting (:adamlofting) RESOLVED
965390 Define and visualize user types and user paths [workweek] [weblitux] [workweek-weblitux] Cassie McDaniel [:cassiemc] RESOLVED
965395 Brainstorm visual ideas for "explore" Web Literacy functionality [workweek] [weblitux] [workweek-weblitux] Cassie McDaniel [:cassiemc] RESOLVED
965398 Prepare for community tagging with bookmarklet [workweek] [content] [workweek-content] [:dajbelshaw] Doug Belshaw RESOLVED
965399 Create wireframes for Web Lit Map [workweek] [weblitux][workweek-weblitux] Cassie McDaniel [:cassiemc] RESOLVED
965400 Build frontend prototype for Web Lit Map [workweek-weblitux][workweek][weblitux] inactivate account for kate RESOLVED
965403 Operationalize our training plans for #TeachtheWeb and Webmaker [workweek] [content][training] Laura Hilliger [:epilepticrabbit] RESOLVED
965405 Create UX wireframes for improved tagging [workweek-weblitux][workweek][weblitux] Cassie McDaniel [:cassiemc] RESOLVED
965406 Create Right-to-Left (RTL) strategy [workweek-l10n] [workweek] David Humphrey (:humph) RESOLVED
965412 Determine priorities for langs/locales we want to ship [workweek-l10n] [workweek] paula le dieu RESOLVED
965416 Discuss and document plan for Webmaker in Japan [workweek] [l10n] [workweek-l10n] RESOLVED
965436 Create image repository for the Web Lit skills [workweek] [weblitux][workweek-weblitux] Cassie McDaniel [:cassiemc] RESOLVED
965439 Determine user facing copy for Web Lit Map [workweek] [weblitux][workweek-weblitux] Erika Drushka RESOLVED
965473 Simplify and optimize Webmaker communications channels [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] lainie RESOLVED
965480 Ship documentation on Webmaker's strategy for new markets [workweek] [newmarkets] [workweek-newmarkets] [global] paula le dieu RESOLVED
965704 Move posts and refresh Google+ categories [workweek-content] [workweek] RESOLVED
965799 Jbuck reports he got the cipher script for ELB's running [workweek-devops][workweek] JP Schneider :jp RESOLVED
965836 Determine our process for "turning on" a new language [workweek-l10n] [workweek] Ali Al Dallal [:alicoding] RESOLVED
965932 Allow Appmaker to publish to Production MakeAPI [workweek][workweek-3rdparty][appmaker] Chris DeCairos (:cade) RESOLVED
965941 Implement Webmaker log-in in Appmaker [workweek][workweek-3rdparty][appmaker] Chris DeCairos (:cade) RESOLVED
965958 Prototype using JSON Web Tokens as an Authentication Mechanism [workweek][workweek-3rdparty] Chris DeCairos (:cade) RESOLVED
966008 Separate Application tags from regular tags [workweek][workweek-3rdparty][weblit-integration][icebox] RESOLVED
966079 Document conversion points for Webmaker contributors / engagement ladder [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] Amira RESOLVED
966086 Create module to send user activities to MakerMind [workweek][workweek-engagement] Jon Buckley [:jbuck] RESOLVED
966088 Create some prototype dashboards in Kibana [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] RESOLVED
966186 Add Optimizely tracking tag to webmaker [workweek][workweek-metrics] Scott [:thecount] Downe RESOLVED
966188 Set up an A/B test for Webmaker.org [workweek][workweek-metrics] RESOLVED
966191 Ship documented process for setting up, recording and sharing results of A/B tests [workweek][workweek-metrics] Scott [:thecount] Downe RESOLVED
966192 See some of the tests MoCo have been running on Mozilla.org [workweek][workweek-metrics] RESOLVED
966193 Update the site metrics dashboard for Webmaker.org [workweek][workweek-metrics] Adam Lofting (:adamlofting) RESOLVED
966195 Ship a public web analytics dashboard for Webmaker.org. [workweek][workweek-metrics] Adam Lofting (:adamlofting) RESOLVED
966196 Ship updated dev process to include GA Event tracking in new features by default [workweek][workweek-metrics] RESOLVED
966203 Ticket additional GA tracking we want to implement on webmaker [workweek][workweek-metrics] RESOLVED
966204 Ticket A/B or MVT tests we want to run on webmaker based on GA exploration [workweek][workweek-metrics] RESOLVED
966206 Ship a draft definition of the metrics that indicate someone is becoming more web literate [workweek][workweek-metrics] Adam Lofting (:adamlofting) RESOLVED
966207 Ship a plan/tickets for testing how we're measuring web literacy [workweek][workweek-metrics] Adam Lofting (:adamlofting) RESOLVED
966286 Build an MVP contribution dashboard [workweek][workweek-engagement][infrastructure] Adam Lofting (:adamlofting) RESOLVED
966288 Optimize our use of email [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] Erika Drushka RESOLVED
966290 Establish Baseline contributor #s from last year [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement][infrastructure] Michelle Thorne RESOLVED
966313 Document our plan for on-boarding and organizing 2014 Maker Party Partners [workweek][workweek-makerparty] Amira RESOLVED
966317 Set Metrics and Goals for Maker Party 2014 [workweek][workweek-makerparty] Amira RESOLVED
966321 Events Package: tutorial for first time event throwers [workweek][workweek-makerparty] Amira RESOLVED
966327 Events Package: post-event practices [workweek][workweek-makerparty] Amira RESOLVED
966329 Create an engagement timeline that will attract and onboard new contributors [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] Michelle Thorne RESOLVED
966330 Events Package: Feedback loops via participants and Mozilla [workweek][workweek-makerparty] Amira RESOLVED
966331 Create prospect lists for engagement outreach [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] Erika Drushka RESOLVED
966356 Plan comms for Maker Party 2014 [workweek][workweek-makerparty][makerparty] Erica Sackin RESOLVED
966364 Write a timeline and set of goals for a Maker Party World Tour [workweek][workweek-makerparty] Michelle Thorne RESOLVED
966365 Write a checklist for the technical requirements needed to run Webmaker tools [workweek][copywriting] Simon Wex :wex RESOLVED
966980 Plan an exemplar pathway for Remix [workweek-content][workweek] RESOLVED
966982 Ship plans for 1st iteration of teachtheweb team production cycle [workweek-content][workweek] Michelle Thorne RESOLVED
966985 Scope and document platform needs for #teachtheweb program [workweek-content][workweek] RESOLVED
967003 Create Public Documentation for MakeAPI [workweek][workweek-3rdparty] Chris DeCairos (:cade) RESOLVED
967056 Write a gallery generating script [workweek][workweek-3rdparty] Chris DeCairos (:cade) RESOLVED
967068 Design and build a MakeAPI landing page [workweek][workweek-3rdparty] Chris DeCairos (:cade) RESOLVED
967775 Draft Webmaker + Dev Derby plan [workweek][workweek-makerparty] RESOLVED
967805 List improvements for UNESCO criteria [workweek][workweek-makerparty] Bobby Richter [:secretrobotron] RESOLVED
967807 Draft list of orgs to map against UNESCO criteria [workweek][workweek-makerparty] Bobby Richter [:secretrobotron] RESOLVED

79 Total; 0 Open (0%); 79 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

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