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Last updated: 2024/02/01

All of the important details for Mozillians, the participation platform for Mozilla.

Looking for the Mozillians website?
Head over to to view our community directory.

A participation platform


The Community Tools team serves to amplify the ability for Mozillians to contribute and connect with each other through the use of tools. We're building tools to help all Mozillians grow the number of contributions and contributors in the project.

The team helps easily organize contributors to make it easier for people to communicate, collaborate and recognize each other. We provide a suite of modules for contributors to organize events and report their activities in the Mozilla Project. We engage people with contribution opportunities, and keep them informed of relevant Mozilla news.

Get Involved

This is a great project to contribute to since it impacts all Mozillians. Join us in #commtools on IRC to say hi.

Here's how you can get involved:

  • File bugs to suggest features and report issues
  • Improve our documentation. (This is a great way to practice using github.)
    • Are the instructions complete and up-to-date? If not, correct them.
    • Is there a procedure missing? Add it.
    • Have you learned about a feature of the site? Create a new section to document it.
  • Fix an open bug (Is this your first bug? Try one of these!)
  • Help with QA testing Mozillians and verifying bug fixes. Talk with Matthew Brandt
  • Create an app that uses the Mozillians API

Info & Specs



Documentation: Needs Updating



Mozillians is run by the Open Innovation Products & Engineering team

Project Alumni

Project Management



We are in a rolling release scheme. Here is the list of releases:

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Archived minutes and notes through 2013-07