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The Mozillians API allows Mozillians to have a better experience on Mozilla sites. Our Mozillians directory for both paid and core volunteer staff can connect Mozilla-related sites and services to profile data as an extension to our first “vouched-status” API offering. For example, we can now offer different access levels to content on Air Mozilla using Mozillians credentials.


Sites using the API

Mozilla Organization Sites

These websites have access to the full Mozillians API:

Mozilla Sites

These sites have access to the limited Mozillians API which confirms if an email address belongs to a vouched Mozillian:

Requesting API access

To get API access for your app, please file an API access request bug. Include the name of your app, app URL, and how you plan to use the API.

API Specification

The API Specification page has full details about how to use the API for your apps.