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Phonebook-114.png Mozillians 2014 Strategy & Roadmap
Owner: Pierros Papadeas Updated: 2015-02-9
We amplify the ability for Mozillians to contribute and connect with each other through the use of tools. We're building tools to help all Mozillians grow the number of contributions and contributors in the project. Learn more



Mozillians.org moving forward needs to comply with Systems and Data principles as outlined by the Systems and Data working group. Those can be found here.

Mozillians.org as the source of truth about people data

Building on top of the core functionality of mozillians.org (phonebook) we need to make mozillians.org the one-stop place for all Mozillians to learn about fellow Mozillians.

  • [P1] Multiple emails per profile
  • [P2] Expose location information in search field
  • [P3] People lists using language fields

Mozillians.org as a service to other Mozilla properties

Mozillians.org should be able to provide all people specific (identity) and discovery functionality to other Mozilla systems and websites in an easy, secure and documented way.

  • [P1] Democratize API access, deploy API v2
  • [P2] Use secondary emails on APIv2
  • [P3] Ability to login using multiple emails.

Mozillians.org as a stable platform

Years of development of mozillians.org platform has created a considerable amount of development debt. In order to create a stable development environment we need to invest in updating our core libraries and apps to enable further development of features.

  • [P1] Update to at least pyelasticsearch 0.6 and elasticutils 0.8
  • [P2] Update documentation using docker
  • [P3] Update factory fixtures to match production data types