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Video for today's meeting

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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

  • For above-and-beyond contributions to documentation on MDC:
    • Mossop (Dave Townsend) - Add-ons Manager
    • teoli - Content on new HTML5 sectioning and more
    • trevorh (Trevor Hobson) - Lots of docs for XPCOM interfaces, plus improvements to our custom templates and scripts
    • elchi3 (Florian Scholz) - Resurrected the German localization with vigor, and has done tons of general sitewide cleanup and template work

Upcoming Events

This Week

Monday, 21 June

Tuesday, 22 June

Wednesday, 23 June

Thursday, 24 June

Friday, 25 June

Next Week

Product Status Updates

Firefox 4

Firefox 3.6

  • Firefox 3.6.4
    • Build #7 (built a week ago) is available here
    • We have been holding 3.6.4 while investigating some crash-stats irregularities
    • We will be determining if we ship anyway, more info to come later today
    • Known issues / issues we are watching but aren't blockers can be found with this query

Mobile Firefox

  • 1.1 RC1 for Maemo
    • Live today
    • Expected to be final release
  • 2.0 A1 for Maemo
    • Code freeze on Friday
  • 2.0 A1 for Android
    • Work in progress, code freeze to be announced shortly


  • Barring unforeseen complications, we plan to ship Thunderbird 3.1RC2 as 3.1 final later this week.

Older Branch Work

  • Firefox 3.5.10
    • Still tied to 3.6.4
    • No known outstanding issues
  • Firefox 3.5.11
    • Tied to 3.6.6
    • Code freeze is this Friday


The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.

Title Presenter Topic Media More Details
Your Title Here Your Name Here What are you going to talk about? Links to slides or images you want displayed on screen Link to where audience can find out more information

Status Updates By Team




  • Thunderbird 3.1RC2 has shipped; making preparations for 3.1 final.
  • 3.2 work beginning; current focus mostly on getting trunk in better shape




  • Turned down Talkback (bug 533614)
  • Worked through some network performance issues with Global Crossing (bug 571922)
  • Had a number of hg issues from upgrades on Friday (bug 551015)
    • l10n infrastructure was offline for a few hours Sunday (FIXED)
    • various pushlog issues (FIXED)


  • We will be moving our Amsterdam POP. Details to follow.
    • Tentative date, June 28.

Release Engineering

  • lots of people ping-ed buildduty last week asking for errant try-server builds to be canceled, or to have extra tests run on an existing build. This is excellent. Please keep it up.
    • BTW: work-around for platform specific try builds: use custom mozconfigs with exit 1 on the platforms you DON'T need. See Using_a_custom_mozconfig for details on using custom mozconfigs.
  • deployed buildbot 0.8.0 and the schedulerdb to most of our buildbot masters last week. This makes it easier for releng to manage the job queue and serve you.
  • stage cleaning policy finally adopted and implemented. See StageCleanupPolicy for more details.
  • deployed nagios checks to uncover hung buildslaves. This has led to improved turnaround times as slaves get back to doing useful work sooner.
  • disabled CentOS unit tests for mozilla-central
  • New branches this week: mozilla-2.0 (aka Firefox4.0), jaegermonkey, and also disposable project branches that can be booked out by devs for temporary project usage - more info here: DisposableProjectBranches


QA Org Highlights
  • Desktop Firefox
    • Shipped 3.7 a5
    • Hopefully 3.6.4 will go out next week, but is being held due to crash spike issues.
  • Web QA
    • AMO 5.11.1 was pushed live.The release went out very well.
  • QA Services
    • Community
      • Start planing for QMO 2.1 and 3.0

Automation & Tools

  • Managed to land Websockets support in time for Firefox 4 Beta. (Thanks to Jgriffin)
  • Have Automated Firebug tests reporting and running against trunk in staging. See the results here.
  • Talos testing for Addons has made it through reviews - bug 559929. Still waiting on scheduler changes to get to final.
  • More information here.





  • Black Hat USA 2010 July 24-29, 2010; Las Vegas, NV - We will be hosting our "traditional" Mozilla milk & cookies party on 7/28.  Look for more information shortly.
  • FISL 2010 July 21-24, 2010; Porto Alegre, Brasil - We are looking into having a Mozilla room, talks and other activities.  Follow progress on thewiki page
  • GUADEC 2010 - July 24-30, 2010; Netherlands.  We are sponsoring at the bronze level.  No Mozilla talks scheduled.
  • Open Video Conference 2010 - October 1-2, 2010; New York, NY  - Looking over sponsorship opportunities.
  • BlogHer '10 - August 6-7, 2010 - Looking into sponsorship opportunities - we will be having a hotel suite and a presence in the GeekLab.  More details soon!
  • Maker Faire Africa - August 27-28, 2010; Nairobi, Kenya - Looking into sponsorship opportunties.
  • Renegade Craft Fair Chicago 2010 - September 11-12, 2010 - We will have a booth and be doing some innovative activities.  Check out the wiki for more details Looking into sponsorship opportunities.
  • London Add-ons Challenge (name TBC): Exploring two consumer-focused events in SF & London.

Creative Team

Community Marketing

  • Community Marketing Call: Next call is Wednesday June 23rd at 10 a.m. PST/17:00 UTC. Please send agenda items to mary at mozilla dot com.


  • Tentative Q3 goals include:
    • Merging Mobile and Desktop Firefox support sites - details
    • Extending our support to include Firefox 4 beta users - details
    • Making it easier for users to get support for crashes through a revamped about:crashes experience - details
  • Our top 5 articles have been rewritten - details
  • Established which items should be given top priority in the new knowledge base software - details
  • Live Chat hours will be extended for the Firefox 3.6.4 release




Developer Tools

  • Bespin 0.8 has been released. Many new features and much smaller embedded size.




Introducing New Hires

Foundation Updates