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Video for today's meeting

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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Upcoming Events

This Week

Monday, 28 June

Tuesday, 29 June

Wednesday, 30 June

  • Brownbag @ 1pm : MDN Roadmap
    • Learn more about the Mozilla Developer Network
      • Website update and development plan
      • Upcoming programs
      • Info on Summit session

Thursday, 1 July

Friday, 2 July

Next Week

Product Status Updates

Firefox 4

Beta coming soon - working out some theme bugs on Windows.

Run a nightly!

Firefox 3.6

  • Firefox 3.6.4
    • Went out last Tuesday, yay!
    • Too early for metrics yet (and we have been messing with throttling). OOPP looks good so far though
  • Firefox 3.6.6 (where's 3.6.5?)
    • Quick chemspill release to increase the OOPP hang detector timeout (ONLY bug 574905)
    • Created late Friday night, went out Saturday
      • Thanks to everyone that gave up 1/2 their weekend
  • Firefox 3.6.7
    • Any approvals are now implicitly for
    • Codefreeze was Friday
    • Still have too many open blockers (12 for 3.6.7 and 8 for 3.5.11)
      • Most are security fixes with trunk patches, we need to fix them on branches as we are exposing users, especially before BlackHat (end of July)
    • Only taking blockers at this time, and we need to get them all in TODAY

Mobile Firefox


Older Branch Work

  • Firefox 3.5.11
    • Release is tied to 3.6.7, Codefreeze was Friday
    • Still have too many open blockers (8 security bugs for 3.5.11)
      • Most are security fixes with trunk patches, we need to fix them on branches as we are exposing users, especially before BlackHat (end of July)
    • Only taking blockers at this time, and we need to get them all in TODAY
  • Firefox 3.0.x
    • RelEng has shut down the 3.0 build machines, so we can no longer do an update for 3.0 users easily
    • We will be doing an advertised update (the pop-up window) to 3.6.6 for users shortly (we have done previous versions already to get people to move off 3.0)


The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.

Title Presenter Topic Media More Details
Mozilla Summit Social Scheduler Thingy Atul Varma A nifty social app for learning about Summit attendees and seeing what schedules they'll attend. The App The App
Bugzilla Awesome Interface Thingy Aza Raskin An app to make Bugzilla beautiful and easy to use. The App Bugzilla Helper and Better Bug View
Powering off TB2 machines John O'Duinn bug#574901

Status Updates By Team


See above!





Release Engineering

  • Releases:
    • Firefox 3.5.10/3.6.4
    • Firefox 3.6.6 chemspill (awesome quick turnaround)
    • Fennec 1.1rc1
  • turning off Thunderbird 2.0 machines - YAY!
  • Windows 7 unit tests enabled last weeks
    • It will take several weeks to make all test suites green


QA Highlights
  • General
    • Completed QA org goals for Q3
  • Desktop Firefox
    • Fx Input is live at input.mozilla.com!
      • Testpilot studies landed within the feedback extention for beta program
    • 3.6.4: Shipped on Tuesday
    • 3.6.6 chem-spill farmville issue shipped over the weekend.
  • Browser Technologies
    • Testing Firefox home RC1, scheduled to ship this next week
    • Jetpack SDK 0.5 shipped
  • Web QA
  • QA Services
    • Community
      • Start planing for QMO 2.1 and 3.0
      • A11Y
        • My article on how to test websites with NVDA has been published in the 6th issue of the German Webstandards-Magazin, and the printed issue arrived on Wednesday. This will give NVDA some greater exposure to web devs in Germany. Mozilla is a recognized funder of the NVDA project.
        • Wrote a blog post regarding Apple iOS 4 and their support for WAI-ARIA landmarks. Mozilla was one of the driving forces behind innovating and implementing these in the WAI-ARIA spec, and Apple are the first to release an accessible mobile phone with support for these landmarks.

Automation & Tools

  • Landed Mochitest E10S support bug 567417
  • Landed changes for Talos to measure add-on performance - bug 559929
    • Continuing to run specialized one-off runs for AMO team (working toward making this into a self-serve utility)
  • Have native events working with mouse events on linux.
  • And as always more information here





  • Black Hat USA 2010 July 24-29, 2010; Las Vegas, NV - We will be hosting our "traditional" Mozilla milk & cookies party on 7/28.  Check out the information here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Black_Hat_2010
  • FISL 2010 July 21-24, 2010; Porto Alegre, Brasil - We are looking into having a Mozilla room, talks and other activities.  Follow progress on the wiki page
  • GUADEC 2010 - July 24-30, 2010; Netherlands.  We are sponsoring at the bronze level.  No Mozilla talks scheduled.
  • Open Video Conference 2010 - October 1-2, 2010; New York, NY  - Looking over sponsorship opportunities.
  • BlogHer '10 - August 6-7, 2010 - Looking into sponsorship opportunities - we will be having a hotel suite and a presence in the GeekLab.  More details soon!
  • Maker Faire Africa - August 27-28, 2010; Nairobi, Kenya - Looking into sponsorship opportunties.
  • Renegade Craft Fair Chicago 2010 - September 11-12, 2010 - We will have a booth and be doing some innovative activities.  Check out the wiki for more details Looking into sponsorship opportunities.
  • London Add-ons Challenge (name TBC): Exploring two consumer-focused events in SF & London.

Creative Team

Community Marketing





Developer Tools

  • The Bespin 0.8 blog post went up on Tuesday of last week and has the details of this major Bespin release.




Introducing New Hires

Foundation Updates