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December 22, 2010

1.0a7 Review

  • How are we doing with deliverables?
  • Should release timing change to better account for the holiday time-off? If so, what would be a good day for freeze and release? I would suggest a freeze date of Thursday December 30th and a release on Wednesday January 5th.

1.0a8 Planning

  • 1.0a8 is in flux and we will solidify the feature set in the week between Christmas and New Years.
  • Much of the 1.0a8 feature set depends on the Skywriter merge. Kevin Dangoor was very optimistic at the All-Hands that we would have stable code to use by the second week in January.

Q1 Goals for FlightDeck

  • Augment the FD editor experience to the point where we feel it is equal-to or better-than a developer's own app stack for creating add-ons.
  • Launch a beta version of the application by the end of Q1
  • Make noticeable progress with integration of more AMO services, for example, pushing your add-on to AMO, creating an account on AMO through the Builder, etc.

Other Topics

  • Sean McArthur is signing on next week and should start the first or second week in January.