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Milestone Planned Actual Notes
Thaw Tuesday, November 23 Tuesday, November 29
Freeze Thursday, December 30 Monday, January 3
Staging Thursday, December 30 Monday, January 3
Final Wednesday, January 5


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
Update the application with MooTools 1.3 Piotr/TBD Front-end Dev P2 bug 602220 [DONE] MooTools 1.3 Core/More is a major release of the framework and will provide significant front-end performance gains. Bumped this back to P2, error was in Bespin not MooTools.
Full UX Review FD team P1 bug 605329 [DONE] Almost finished with mocks, Chowse has been too busy to make another pass at a review. To get the desired UI features in for this release, we will be discussing concepts and doing implementations together as a team at the All-Hands.
New package directory UI Piotr/TBD Front-end Dev P1 bug 615325 [MISSED] The package sidebar UI will be refreshed to look more like a file tree with a structure that mirrors the client SDK's.
Papercut bugs Piotr P3 bug 612457 [DONE] There is a list of several bugs for small annoyances that should be addressed in this release
Ability to edit attached files Andym P1 bug 612293 [DONE] A long-standing feature request that unblocks many common use-cases
Ability to upload a client-built SDK packages to the Builder Piotr P2 bug 573854 [DONE] Folks should be able to upload packages created with the client SDK to the Builder and have it populate the various folders of a package with the content it contains.
Implement new, more generic docs system Piotr/TBD Front-end Dev P3 bug 612721 [MISSED] To fully decouple the Builder from reliance on a specific SDK doc structure, we will be changing the output and composition of the docs we import.
Design and implement a mechanism for displaying SDK error output Daniel P3 bug 615322 [MISSED] I added some code to do this, but the add-on is not operating as expected after it is built.