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Note: This is out of date, please see Add-ons/Server.

Add-Ons and AMO Roadmap Q2 & Q3 2015

Firefox 40:

  • Add-On Signing

Firefox 41:

  • Add-On Signing Enforced (no pref to disable, except in ESR)
  • XPCOM Binary support deprecation

historical roadmaps below

AMO - Q1-Q4 2009

Link to Google Doc

AMO - Q3 & Q4 2008

The goals listed here are aligned with the AMO Principles. Appearing in the Q3 & Q4 cells are potential major features that are under consideration as part of the roadmap. Of course, there will be a ton of bug fixes selected from this list as well.

Additionally, the roadmaps for the AMO API and stats dashboards appear further below.

Q3 2008
Q4 2008
Ease of Use
  • Full-Text Search & find-as-you-type
  • Rework FAQ
  • AMO for Firefox Mobile/Fennec
  • Replaces Vanilla-based Forums
Find & Discover
  • Add-on recommender
  • List Maker
  • Glimpse - installed add-on clustering
  • Search engines expansion
  • Stub Entries for non-AMO add-ons
  • Add-on locale packs
Add-on Devs
  • Public Stats Dashboard
  • Revised Sandbox/Review Queue
  • mini AMO on your site
AMO Editors & Localizers
  • Revised Editor Tools
  • Metadata Upload API
  • Version Diff'ers
  • Revised Editors' Wiki
  • New L10N Tools/Verbatim integration
  • Editor Leaderboard

v3.0 (Remora)

The first Remora release was March 2007.


AMO, Version 3.1 was released in September 2007. It includes support for download counters for the developer control panel


AMO, v3.2 was released in Mar 2008. Its goal is an AMO site redesign and a PHP platform upgrade. A AMO v3.2 requirements document and the release announcement is available.


AMO, v3.3 was released during Q1 & Q2 2008. Its goal was to offer an API to AMO to support Fx3's new "Get Add-ons" panel. A API requirements document is available.


We shifted development to a rapid iteration cycle and AMO, v3.4 was released in Apr 2008 followed by several point releases. Its goal was to offer new navigation, a theme browser, advanced search. A series of blog posts about v3.4 features appear (3.4.1, 3.4.2, 3.4.3/3.4.4)


AMO, v3.5 is a rewrite of the developer tools section of AMO currently scheduled for Jul 2008. Documented in a five-part blog post.

v2.0 was rewritten to scale better for high-load public site.

We realize that rewriting has been a long time coming. This is why we have reevaluated our situation and have set more realistic short-term goals.

Read the v2.0 plan.


v1.0 was released, based in part on work done in the security audit. Further revisions will be addressed on a case-by-case basis as our efforts turn towards v2.0, which is based on a much better framework.

API Roadmap

  • The AMO API 1.0 release was the first iteration of a read-only API and primarily targeted Firefox 3 Beta 3 (also known as AMO v3.3)
  • The AMO API 1.1 release included fixes to support the final ship of Firefox 3
  • AMO API 2.0 will include expanded read-only functionality (for stats), support add-on authors, an API key mechanism in order to allow AMO metadata and add-on uploads.

Stats Dashboards

Future Features

This is a list of features that we'd eventually like to add to AMO.