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End-user documentation

We often get feedback from people that want to contribute to the Calendar apps, but lack the technical skills needed for programming.

This page is for you. We need your help!

We are currently lacking any kind of end-user documentation. We need tutorials, geared towards typical end-users like your neighbor or your grandma, explaining to them the basic tasks in a calendar app.


Calendar Project and its components

  • Calendar is the name of the project that has two distinct outputs which both use the same code base:
    • Lightning is a calendar extension for Mozilla Thunderbird. It offers calendaring features directly in the Thunderbird User Interface. Further integration features, such as e-mail invites or address book integration are planned for future releases.
    • Sunbird is our standalone calendar application. It doesn't need another client application to run at the cost of a larger download and higher memory requirements. Because of its standalone nature, Sunbird does not offer any kind of tight integration with an e-mail application, such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

The latest Lightning and Sunbird official releases can be downloaded from the Calender Project home page.

This document focuses on the 0.9 release.



Interface Components

Basic Tasks

It would be great if you could help us out here, either by writing a tutorial, contributing screenshots or thinking of other things that could be documented.

We really look forward to what our community can accomplish.