Calendar:QA Chat:2006-08-17

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Meeting Details


mvl, ctalbert, jminta, lilmatt, dmose, lisaH, andreas, celina|meeting Fallen|away Taliesin

Meeting Log & Action Items

  • Meeting Log
  • No real time for anyone to work on MozillaZine
  • Celina63, Taliesin and Ctalbert will work on unconfirmed bugs
  • Need more people for the Calendar Test day, we have another article in the works from LisaH, some interest on the Calendar blog, but we'll need more people. Bring friends.

Talking Points

Feel free to add your own ideas

  • Assign a notetaker - someone responsible for putting the meeting log up on this wiki page afterward.
  • Calendar Test Day Preparations
    • Some interest from the calendar blog
    • We have the Test day document finalized Calendar:QA_TestDays
    • LisaH's (the writer) editors approved her to do another story on us.
    • Mentioned in the NewsGroup
    • MozillaZine? Volunteers?
  • Need to confirm unconfirmed bugs Volunteers?
  • Update on 0.3 Release Schedule see Joey's Post