Calendar:QA Chat:2006-08-24

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Meeting Details


celina63, jminta, lilmatt, ulf, ssitter, Sebo, rogerk, Andreas, xFallenAngel, karnesky

Meeting Log & Action Items

  • Meeting Log
  • celina63 to post the log
  • ctalbert to clean up Litmus
  • Johannes, Sebo, xFallenAngel, and lilmatt volunteer to moderate chat so that TestDay can start at 1200AM UTC. If you're volunteering, please edit this wiki page (next section, where it says "Volunteers" )to specify time you can be in the chat.
  • Everyone to hit Bugzilla and confirm/verify bugs

Talking Points

Feel free to add your own ideas

  • Assign a notetaker - someone responsible for putting the meeting log up on this wiki page afterward.
  • Discuss how the Calendar Community Test Day went
    • Litmus issues -- need to do Litmus cleanup
      • Perhaps combine platform-specific tests into one non-platform specific test
        • i.e. Keyboard shortcut tests, which are different in each platform (For example "Select All", Mac: Cmd+A, Win/Lin: Ctrl+A, etc)
    • Start the next one earlier - 12:00AM UTC so that it's more fair to people outside the Americas. -- We'll need more volunteers for Moderators.
      • Volunteering: Johannes. (no time for beeing on irc, sorry, next time)
      • xFallenAngel (in IRC)
    • Suggestions to improve TestDay turnout/efficiency
      • Slashdot/Digg
      • Larger/more prizes - perhaps find sponsors for gift certs, etc.
      • Update the Testday wiki, or create a new wiki page, to focus testers on which areas have already been sufficiently tested, and what areas need more testing
        • Same thing for bugs
      • A list of "known issues" so those don't get retested or rebugged
  • Unconfirmed Bugs
    • Reminded everyone to get in Bugzilla and Confirm new bugs found during Testday
  • Verified Bugs
    • Verify bugs that have been fixed
  • Release Status
    • Check bugs marked "qawanted*, comment in the bug saying what is needed from QA
    • no "drop-dead" date yet, but at least another 2-3 weeks before Release