Calendar:QA Chat:2006-08-31

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Meeting Details


ctalbert, xFallenAngel, celina63, ssitter, lilmatt

Meeting Log & Action Items

  • Meeting Log
  • celina63 to post the log
  • ctalbert to post Calendar QA To-Do list, and to import ssitter's links Calendar:QA_Links
  • ctalbert to post To-Do list to newsgroup also
  • "informal" mini-TestDay next Tuesday (Sept. 5, 2006)
  • need volunteer to write something for the blog and Mozillazine regarding mini-TestDay
  • 0.3 Release Candidate this weekend!

Talking Points

Feel free to add your own ideas

  • Assign a notetaker - someone responsible for putting the meeting log up on this wiki page afterward.
  • Let other people (not only reporter) to verify bugs in Bugzilla.
    • Damian requested, ssitter believes he has bugzilla permissions now
  • Creating a set of weekly Calendar QA To-Do List.
    • For example, to-do list published to the "News" section of Calendar:QA_Home
    • Contains things like: Create upgrade testcases from Sunbird 0.3aX to Sunbird 0.3
    • And things like: A link to QA Wanted defects so people can find things to test
    • A link to Defects needing confirmation
    • And defects needing verification.
    • The list of To-Dos will be created in this meeting for the following week. For example, today's meeting would create a To-Do list for the week of Sept 4.
    • Goal of To-Do List: Give people an easy listing of "things you can do to help".
    • Another goal of To-Do List: Help us keep track of what's going on, and what needs to be done.
    • Other ideas?
  • Test Day for Tuesday?
    • Will have a mini-TestDay this coming Tuesday (Sept. 5)