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Instructions for Thunderbird with Lightning

First and foremost install Lightning !

You should see two icons in the lower-left-corner of Thunderbird, one for Mail and one for Calendar.

  • Mail - A bar will appear on the left containing your events
    • You can click on a "drop down list" which give you the option to view either:
      • Your events
      • Your "ToDo" tasks
      • Both (All)
  • Calendar a full screen view of the calendar.
    • This view contains a small calendar with the days that contain events highlighted (Is this word correct? - Non native english speaker =D Yes it is knmc)
    • A calendar manager, in which you can create new calendars and manage your existing ones -- Need more info --
    • A Toolbar listing the ways you can view your events:
      • Day
      • Week
      • Multi-Week
      • Month