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Project Overview

Life is busy. Talk to any parent today and they’ll tell you how busy they are. They have a pretty packed schedule with work, household chores, their children’s activities and more.

But no matter how busy they are, families are in constant communication with one another to ensure their homes are secure, their loved ones are safe, everyone is where they need to be at any given time. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Let’s elaborate a little to give you a peek into their life:

  • What does our day look like?
  • Who is dropping & picking up our kids?
  • Did I close my door?
  • Did I leave my garage open?
  • Did my child come back home at 5PM today?
  • Is my pet safe at home?
  • Where should I be this evening?
  • What do I need from the grocery store this evening?
  • Did my dad take his meds?
  • etc.

Mozilla’s Project Abigail aims to solve this very problem for busy families!

Our goal is to create a product that ensures families can stay peaceful & relaxed throughout their day knowing that Abigail is keeping track of their schedules, to-dos & monitoring every little thing that matters to them!

Customers will purchase a package of 6 “magic” buttons. They come in five bright colors & can be personalized to give them your very own look!

These buttons are small, portable & powerful. They are packed with sensors, equipped with a mic & speaker so one can simply speak to it and set rules and reminders.

Simply place them where you need them! We recommend placing one in each active “thinking” or “conversation” room, say kitchen & dining, family rooms etc. or in areas that you’d need to track to ensure your home is safe & secure, say on your front door or your garage door.

The buttons are ridiculously easy to set up and shouldn’t take more than two minutes to do so. Once that’s done, just speak to it and start setting reminders for yourself and your whole family, create shopping lists, be notified on things around your house that are top of mind to you. You can even share your schedule, to-dos, notifications with other members of your family so you are all aware of everyone’s whereabouts whether you are home or away.

Additional Detail:

Each “magic” button is equipped with the following modules:

  • WiFi
  • BLE
  • Mic
  • Speaker
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • LED
  • Battery

To begin with, the smartphone leads the user through a couple of really simple & interactive installation steps so they gain access to the internet & set up the user accounts and ensure that the buttons are functioning accurately. Following this, the buttons are fully functional and users can interact with them through a set of simple voice commands or through a slick web app.

Product Vision

Our goal is to create a personalized “magic button” that ensures families can stay peaceful & relaxed throughout their day knowing that their homes, loved ones and schedules are in good hands!

Product Target Audience

Busy families in the US with both parents working full time and between 30-45yrs old and with two or more children in elementary school.


Busy families lack an easy & passive way to keep tab on things that matter to them; be it their home, their loved ones or their schedules.

Key Use-Cases


How it works?

Abigail howitworks.jpg

Product Requirements Documentation

Link to Product Documentation

Technical Documentation

Link to Technical Documentation

Project status

Milestone Date Status Links
Gate 0 approval 9-28-2016 Approved
User Studies 11-28-2016 Completed Study Information
UX Interactions Concepting 12-9-2016 Completed
Gate 1 approval 12-21-2016 Project Canceled

Brainstorming and Early Concepts

  • Whiteboard and Paper Brainstorming

Consumer Studies

Several studies have been conducted in October and November.

  • In October, different product concepts were validated with different groups of 100 consumers each. Results are being analyzed.
  • Also in October, a Facebook campaign was used to drive traffic to landing pages that described the Abigail product concept in different ways, again to test how each resonated with consumers. Response was good.
  • In November, the team visited consumers in the target market segment in their homes and asked these study participants to use Abigail prototypes and to describe their experience and answer questions around the functionality.

Recordings of the Abigail Prototype Sessions

How to contribute

Contact Abigail team on IRC, email or discourse channel


  • Channel: #abigail
  • Address:

Mailing list