Contribute/Education/Notes/2014-03-07 Working Group Meeting

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Previous meeting's notes:


Share updates and identify major sub teams.


Christie Larissa Kadir Lukas Dino Apologies: Jennie Rose Halperin @little_wow (will catch you next week)

Action Items

  • Lukas is going to go take a look at the onboarding with Sylvestre (RM new hire) with an eye toward what's there, what's not, what his personal experience has been (meeting set for next Monday) -- report back next meeting
  • Christie - recruit team leads
  • Leads: Create draft roadmaps for your areas.
  • Christie: Create high-level roadmap from draft version below.

Agenda / Notes


Subteams & Draft Roadmap

We revisted the draft roadmap we created in December 2013 to evalue if we should still pursue the project and if so, who could be the lead for it.

  • Communication & default openness:
    • Ask people how open they feel the projects they want to participate in.
    • Have a consistent format across projects for how contributors can participate/get in touch with project participants.
    • Lead: Kadir
  • Wiki Working Group
    • Lead: Christie
  • Resource Index
    • Creating an index of educational resources and auditing each one for openness.
    • Lead: TBD
  • Publish and expand the on-boarding content
    • Leads: Ally & Christie work together.
    • Currently not everyone can access
    • Even new hires only get 90 days of access
    • None of us have seen it
    • [lukas] go take a look with new RM hire and at least get a sense of what's in there, report back
  • Million Mozillians Campaigning
    • Is this our task right now?
    • What does it look like?
    • Moving parts - do we wait more for other groups to do some work first? eg: Pathways
    • Could we chunk out in a couple of ways where at first we amplify existing frameworks, community practices, successful practices then in the latter part of the year look at what's new and re-evaluate
    • What is our role here?
    • We like the idea of being campaigners, educators, shaping culture on this - but perhaps just 'idea' stage right now
    • coordinate with Mardi - let's not duplicate effort - but let's also make sure we don't lose the grassroots, local part of it
    • a goal of this is to put local communities front and center
    • CONCLUSION: revisit this in the 3rd or 4th quarter (end of the year)
    • Lead: TBD
  • Communication with local communities
  • Communication of what CBT is doing
    • should be based in CBT
    • Lead: TBD
  • Community Building Curriculum
    • opw interview?
    • Lead: TBD

What are people working on:


  • Just like to share what I'm doing recently -

making even more resource to help onboarding volunteers :) Lukas:

  • Getting closer to Project Kickoff (finalizing budget) for Ascend Project [lukas]