Contribute/Education/Notes/2014-02-21 Working Group Meeting

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Dino, Christie, Larissa, Jennie


  • Christie suggests the following changes to our meetings:
    • meetings every-other week (rather than weekly)
    • two meetings: a) Friday 9:00 PT / 17:00 UTC and b) Sunday 22:00 PT / Monday 6:00 UTC
  • We talked a lot about diversity, cultural literacy and related issues:
    • we need clear, unified participation guidelines
    • we need clear mechanisms for addressing and resolving conflict
    • need to include cultural awareness in all of our tools; when cultural content is not full understood, people may not always feel comfortable using tools we have
    • we have good ground work for this: DICE, TRIBE (working with others)
    • can start with above and work to improve, iterating over time
    • will need to bring in outside, professional resources to train staff / contributors
    • We briefly talked about the upcoming new contributor survey and reviewed the demographic information being asked for. Agreed that it was a good start towards understanding current state of diversity across the org.
  • Safari books (Jennie):
    • this is a really important resource to make easily available to non-staff
    • value both in terms of the technical information it provides but also as a tool for recognition
    • should map escalating access to contributor lifecycle (e.g. greater access as contrib move through lifecycle)
    • Dino is at times overwhelmed by requests. Christie offered to be a backup to help with this.

Action Items

  • Dino: Draft proposal for how to meet with diversity groups when they are visiting Mozilla in March.
  • Christie: Clean up meeting notes and send to group.
  • Christie: Schedule next meeting.
  • Christie: Review roadmap developed in December CBT meeting and identify which are priority items to addresses this quarter.